Honda is a global Japanese brand with a focus on producing cars, motorcycles, and other things. In 1948 Takeo Fujisawa and Soichiro Honda started the company now known as Honda. The firm has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and has production plants as well as research centres around the globe. Honda is renowned for its technological innovation and cutting-edge designs, and it is considered one of the biggest global automobile producers. The manufacturer has a stronghold in a broad spectrum of markets, from little hatchbacks to high-end sedans, and produces a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, and electric vehicles. Honda competes in motorsports as well and has a strong track record in Formula One competition. 

In this article, we dig deep about two of the most lovable vehicles in India from the brand Honda. We talk in detail about Honda Activa 6G and Honda Activa 125. We try to provide all the relevant information our readers might need, from the overview of both the vehicles to their features, variants, design and many other things. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Honda Activa – An Overview

Honda Activa is a scooty from Honda that requires no introduction, especially in India. It is one of those vehicles that people blindly trust. Over the years, Honda’s Activa does improve itself significantly, not just from a features perspective but also from a prices perspective as well, which is one of the key factors when it comes to buying a vehicle.

India’s favourite scooter is the Honda Activa, which is renowned for its dependable performance as well as fuel conservation. The vehicle is loved not just by professionals but also by people of all ages. 

The Honda Activa 6G has many improvements over its predecessors. The 109.51cc engine of the 6G variant, which complies with BS6, has a total output of about 7.79 horsepower at an rpm of 8000 and a maximum torque of about 8.79 Nm at 5250 rpm. The Honda Activa 6G also features such as a new adjustable suspension, an ACG starter motor, a very silent ignition system, and an improved riding experience. Honda Activa 6G comes with a total of six different colour options. It can be accessed in Black, Dazzle Yellow Metallic, Pearl Spartan Red, Glitter Blue Metallic, and some other colours also.

In contrast to the 6G, the Honda Activa 125 serves as the more potent and feature-rich variant. Unlike the 6G variant, the Activa 125 features a 124cc single-cylinder engine that generates a torque of 10.3 Nm and a horsepower of 8.29. The scooter also has a side-stand engine cut-off, an engine start-stop toggle, as well as a semi-digital head-up display. Activa 125 offers four different variants to choose from, namely Standard, Alloy, Deluxe, and Deluxe with Alloy wheels. The Activa 125 is available in a total of six shades, namely Black, Rebel Red Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic, Midnight Blue Metallic, Pearl Precious White, and Matte Selene Silver Metallic.

For those searching for a dependable and effective scooter for their everyday commute, the Honda Activa 6G and 125 are both viable options. For individuals who value little servicing, fuel savings, and a smooth ride, the Activa 6G might be the best option. The Activa 125, on the other hand, is for buyers who choose a more potent motor and extra equipment like alloy wheels, a start-stop function, and a semi-digital centre console. Overall, the Honda Activa remains one of India’s finest well-liked and most reliable scooter models. We’ll explain both models in detail so that our readers can decide which one is best for them. So, without further ado, let’s get into this right away.

Honda Activa Models

1. Honda Activa 6G

Among popular models in the Honda Activa lineup include the Honda Activa 6G. It is a scooter, or many people prefer a scooty made specifically for daily transportation. It is kind of an alternative to motorbikes but safer and also without gears. The other reason that might be a reason behind the popularity of the Activa lineup is that it was mainly made for teenagers who may not cross the age of 18, which is set as the legal age to start riding or driving a gear-based vehicle like a car or a motorcycle. 

The Honda Activa 6G will be described in general terms in this section, along with its variations, design, features, engine, performance, specs, safety, advantages, disadvantages, and overall cost.


The most recent model in the Honda Activa line is the Honda Activa 6G. According to some reports, Activa’s next model, namely 7G, will be coming this year itself, but we can’t be able to confirm anything yet. 

In India, it was introduced in January 2020. There are two models of the scooter: Basic and Deluxe. It is propelled by a 109.51cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that complies with BS6 and produces a maximum of 7.79PS and a maximum torque of 8.79Nm.


There are two versions of the Honda Activa 6G that is Basic and Deluxe. Halogen headlamps, an analogue speedometer, along with black steel tires are included in the Basic version. While on the other end, the Deluxe model comes with extra features like a digital analogue display, an LED headlamp, along with black alloy wheels.


The Honda Activa 6G has a traditional visual style along with a few contemporary elements. The scooter has a small, light body with distinct contours along with lines. The vehicle’s streamlined headlight set dominates the front, whereas an LED tail lamp is present at the rear.


Numerous functionalities on the Honda Activa 6G make it an effective scooter for everyday usage. It is packed with conveniences like a fuel-injection system, a side-stand engine cut-off, a well as an LED headlamp. Furthermore, the scooter also has an exterior fuel tank cap that makes refuelling simple.

Engine, Performance and Specifications 

The Activa 6G was powered by a 109.51 cc, a single cylinder which also has an air-cooled engine; along with that, it also has CVT transmission. The engine produces a total torque of 8.79Nm at 5250 rpm along with also 7.79PS of power at 8000 rpm. According to some reports, the scooter can reach from 0 to 60 km/h in about ten seconds and can achieve a maximum speed of 85 km/h. The Activa 6G is advertised to get 45 kmpl and has a 5.3-litre fuel tank.


The Honda Activa 6G is equipped with many safety measures, including tubeless tires, the CBS (Combined Braking System), and side-stand engine shutoff. The braking distance is decreased by the CBS mechanism, which assures that both the front as well as rear braking are deployed concurrently.


The Honda Activa 6G is available in Basic and Deluxe models. The Basic model is less priced at Rs 67,843 (Old Delhi showroom) in comparison to the Deluxe model, that priced at Rs 70,048 (ex-showroom Delhi).

Pros and Cons 

The Honda Activa 6G has many advantages, including an outer fuel filler cap, semi-digital instrument cluster, LED headlight, and fuel injection technology. 

The scooter does, although, have a few drawbacks, including little room for storing things and no disc brake capability.

2. Honda Activa 125

Among the best-selling scooters from Honda’s lineup is yet another model, which is Activa 125. This section will give an overview of the Honda Activa 125’s appearance, engine, performance, specifications, safety systems, cost, advantages, as well as disadvantages.


The Honda Activa 125 scooter has a stylish look, an enhanced and powerful engine, as well as improved fuel mileage. It has a wide range of features that set it apart from other scooters available in the industry. This Honda model offers an LED headlamp and a chrome-lined grille. Not only this, but the Activa 125 also offers a combi-braking system, tubeless tires, including other things.


Four different models of the Honda Activa 125 offer a total of four different versions, namely Standard, Alloy, Deluxe, and Premium Edition. Depending on the version or model, the features of the Honda Activa 125 may vary. The Honda Activa 125 offers a total of six colour options, including Black, Rebel Red Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic, Midnight Blue Metallic, Pearl Precious White, and Matte Selene Silver Metallic.


The Honda Activa 125 offers a sleek as well as elegant design. The scooter possesses a front apron with a chrome-lined grille and also an LED headlight. LED taillights, as well as a chrome muffler shield as a protector, are included in the back section.


The Honda Activa 125 is equipped with a huge number of goodies, including an outside fuel filling cap, unlike many other scooters that offer an inside fuel filling cap, LED headlamps, LED taillamps, a digital-analogue instrument panel, as well as a side-stand engine shutoff. A quiet start-stop toggle is also included with the scooter, making it simple to begin operating quietly. It comes in very helpful during a traffic jam.

Engine, Performance and Specifications 

The Honda Activa 125 comes with a 124cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine that produces a torque of 10.3 Nm at 5,000 rpm and 8.29 horsepower of power at 6,750 rpm. The engine is also connected to the CVT transmission. The Honda Activa 125 could accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph at about 8.5 seconds while also having the capacity to reach a maximum speed of 85 kmph. It delivers an amazing fuel mileage of about 50 km per litre, along with a gas tank size of 5.3 litres. The scooter also offers hydraulic mono shocks at the back and has telescoping forks up front to provide a smooth riding experience.


The Honda Activa 125 offers several safety systems, including a combi-braking mechanism, tubeless tires, as well as a front disc brake. The scooter stops at a relatively short distance thanks to the combi-braking system.


The Honda Activa 125 offer mainly two variants that is one standard and the other was called as Premium. The Honda Activa 125 costs Rs. 71,674 (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the standard version, and the Premium Edition variant costs about Rs. 79,567 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Pros and Cons 

The Honda Activa 125 provides an enjoyable riding experience, outstanding fuel economy, as well as a plethora of safety features. The scooter has a stylish appearance and comes in a variety of colours. 

Also, like many things in the world, some things may cause some issues over time, such as the storage capacity on the Honda Activa 125 being constrained, and the suspension design might be enhanced.

Competitors Of Honda Activa 6g And Honda Activa 125

 In the Indian two-wheeler industry, the Honda Activa 6G and Honda Activa 125 are considered great competitors to one another. While both scooters are made by the same company, they have unique characteristics that target various audiences. The Activa 6G is aimed at the entry-level market, while the Activa 125 is aimed at the premium end of the market.

Honda Activa 6G Vs. Honda Activa 125

The Honda Activa 6G is less expensive than the Activa 125 and is a popular choice for those looking for a dependable and efficient scooter at a reasonable price. It has a simple yet elegant design, a comfy seating position, and ample storage capacity. The Activa 6G is powered by a 109.51cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 7.68PS and a maximum torque of 8.79Nm. It also has telescopic suspension up front as well as a 3-step extendable spring-loaded hydraulic suspension right back up. The scooter includes the features like an analogue centre console, an LED headlamp, as well as a pass switch. The Activa 6G comes in two models: Standard and Deluxe.

On the other hand, the Honda Activa 125 is a top-quality scooter with more functionalities and power than the Activa 6G. It is powered by a 124cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 8.29PS of power and a torque of 10.3Nm. It has telescopic suspension in the front and hydraulic suspension in the back for a cosy ride. The Activa 125 includes a LED head torch, digital display panel, external gas filler lid, as well as a mobile charging port. It additionally features a front glove box and a three-stage adjustable back suspension system. Standard, Alloy, and Deluxe are the three models that Activa 125 offers.

The Top Competitors Of Honda Activa 6G

1. TVS Jupiter

The Honda Activa 6G and the TVS Jupiter are two of the most popular two-wheelers in the Indian market. The Honda Activa 6G has a 110cc single-cylinder engine, whereas the TVS Jupiter has a 109cc engine. The Honda Activa 6G generates 7.79 bhp at 8,000 rpm and a max torque of 8.79 Nm at 5,250 rpm, while the TVS Jupiter generates 7.47 bhp at 7,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.4 Nm at 5,500 rpm. 

Both two-wheelers are offered in basic as well as deluxe configurations. Even after the competitive rivalry, the Honda Activa 6G still manages to remain one of the best selections for scooter buyers in India, specifically in the two-wheeler segment. This vehicle has been a great suggestion for several years because of its dependable engine performance, affordable upkeep, and also comfortable road handling. 

The Honda Activa 6G also offers features like the ACG quiet start mechanism, which makes sure a seamless and noise-free engine ignition, and the toggle for a stop-start system, which also improves fuel mileage. The vehicle also includes a large under-seat storage space of 18 litres, attempting to make it practical for daily preference. Furthermore, the Honda brand is renowned for offering amazing after-sales service, making it a trustworthy option for consumers.

2. Hero Maestro Edge 110

In India, two popular scooter models are the Honda Activa 6G and the Hero Maestro Edge 110. The Honda Activa 6G has a 109.51cc engine with a peak power output of 7.79PS at 8000rpm and a highest torque output of 8.79Nm at 5250rpm. While comparing, the Hero Maestro Edge 110 has a 110.9cc engine that produces 8.15PS at 7500rpm and 8.75Nm at 5500rpm. The Activa 6G has 171mm of ground clearance and weighs 107kg, while the Maestro Edge 110 has 155mm of ground clearance and weighs 112kg. 

The Honda Activa 6G and the Hero Maestro Edge 110 are both of those outstanding scooters or two-wheelers that have unique capabilities as well as features which also makes them a rival to each other and also to other two-wheelers currently present in the market. However, the Activa 6G has proven to be a good choice for those buyers due to its brand value, dependability, and also fuel efficiency and many other reasons. 

In addition, the Activa 6G provides an even more sleeker riding experience but also smoother performance when compared to the Maestro Edge 110. In the end, it is quite clear that the Activa 6G is the best option for those looking for a high-quality and reliable scooter in India. However, People do choose the Maestro Edge 110 over other reasons. Even after the differences, each vehicle offers something different to the buyers, and hence, they both have separate buyers that are willing to buy whatever the condition or offer other brand offers.

3. Hero Pleasure Plus

In the Indian market, the Honda Activa 6G and the Hero Pleasure Plus have already made their place, and they have a potential consumer that prefers the vehicle no matter what other vehicles or brand is offering. The Honda Activa 6G is operated by a 109.51cc engine and produces 7.68 bhp of power and a torque of 8.79 Nm. On the other hand, the Hero Pleasure Plus is operated by a 110.9cc engine that produces 8 bhp of power and a torque of 8.75 Nm. 

One of the reasons for the rivalry between the Honda Activa 6G and the Hero Pleasure Plus is due to their quite similar engine capacity and power output. In the scooter market, the Activa 6G as well as the Pleasure Plus are significant competitors to one another. This rivalry increased over the years. Both brands try their best to offer buyers whatever best they can. Positively, it is quite a win-win situation for buyers as well as brands as the buyers receive the best two-wheeler and also the brands receive either the buyers or learn something and use them to improve themselves in the future. 

4. TVS Zest 110

TVS Zest 110 is yet another rival to the Honda Activa 6G. Both the two-wheeler has their separate fanbase, yet they still give each other tough competition. Both two-wheelers offer something unique of their own. Efficient engines and stylish designs are some of the many reasons that buyers love to buy. As a prospective rival to the Honda Activa 6G, the TVS Zest 110 scooter is equivalent to the Activa 6G regarding performance, fuel economy, and price.  

The TVS Zest 110 is equipped with a 109.7cc engine that produces 7.47 bhp power and torque of 8.4 Nm, in contrast to the Honda Activa 6 G’s 109.51cc engine that produces 7.79 bhp power and a torque of 8.79 Nm. The TVS Zest 110 does indeed have a fuel tank quantity of 5 litres compared to the Honda Activa 6 G’s 5.3 litres. 

We can say that even though the Honda Activa 6G have the upper hand in most of the factors, however, there are still some things where the Activa 6G lacks behind, and the price is one such thing. Even though the Activa 6G beats TVS Zest 110 at almost every level yet the price factor is one thing where the TVS Zest 110 have the upper hand. Even after having the upper hand in one of the important aspects, it may not be enough to change the mind of a buyer. The price might be very important to many people, but any buyer buys the overall best vehicle rather than just a vehicle that lacks behind most of the things but is cheaper.

The Top Competitors Of Honda Activa 125

1. TVS Jupiter

Both two scooters stand out as possible rivals in the Indian market when compared to each other, particularly the Honda Activa 125 and the TVS Jupiter. Ever since its release, the Honda Activa 125 remains one of the most well-liked two-wheelers in India, while customers have also become fond of the TVS Jupiter due to its attributes and riding qualities. But, in a head-to-head comparison, the Activa 125 continues to emerge as the better decision for purchasers. 

The TVS Jupiter has a 109.7cc engine that generates 7.47 bhp of power and about 8.4 Nm of torque, whereas the Honda Activa 125 has a more refined 124cc engine which delivers the highest peak power of 8.29 bhp and a maximum 10.3 Nm torque. The TVS Jupiter does have a gas tank quantity of 6 litres compared to the Activa 125’s 5.3 litres. The TVS Jupiter has a telescoping front suspension and features a gas-filled rear suspension, compared to the Activa 125, which offers a hydraulic back suspension mechanism and telescoping front suspension. 

Also, a larger wheelbase of about 1260mm is offered by Activa 125, while the TVS Jupiter offers a big size of 1275 mm wheelbase. Not only this, TVS Jupiter offers a halogen headlight, a complete instrument cluster, and a reserve fuel indicator, while on the other hand, the Activa 125 offers features such as an LED headlight, a semi-digital instrument cluster, and a pass switch. 

In summary, the Honda Activa 125 continues to be the better decision for purchasers even though the TVS Jupiter is a fantastic two-wheeler drive as a whole. The Activa 125 remains ranked as one of the most popular two-wheelers in India since it has some amazing things, such as its well-designed engine, comfortable ride, and many others. However, the rivalry is quite far from over since both two-wheelers offer amazing features and capabilities. While TVS Jupiter offers a ground clearance of 150mm, Activa 125 offers a ground clearance of 169mm. And at the same time, TVS Jupiter has a total kerb weight of 109kg, whereas the Activa 125 has a total kerb weight of about 111kg. 

2. Hero Maestro Edge 110

Even though the Activa 125 has a rival from the same brand, that is Activa 6G; there are some other rivals, and one of them is Hero Maestro Edge 110. Hero Maestro Edge 110 offers a 110.9cc engine that produces 8.15PS at 7500rpm and 8.75Nm at 5500rpm. Also, there are some other things that are offered by Hero Maestro Edge 110; for example, it has 155mm of ground clearance and weighs 112kg. 

Maestro Edge’s claimed to have a mileage of 53 kmpl, while Honda Activa 125 has a mileage of about 50-55 Kmpl. It is obvious that the difference might not be enough; however, some more things about Activa 125 give an upper head on Hero Maestro Edge 110, such as a 124cc engine that delivers the highest peak power of 8.29 bhp and a maximum of 10.3 Nm torque.

3. Hero Pleasure Plus

Another rival to Activa 125 is Hero Pleasure Plus. It offers benefits such as it was operated by a 110.9cc engine that produces 8 bhp of power and a torque of 8.75 Nm. It also features a telescopic fork at the front and a single hydraulic shock absorber at its rear end. On the other hand, the Honda Activa 125 comes with a much more refined 124cc engine that delivers the highest peak power of 8.29 bhp and a maximum of 10.3 Nm torque. It also features telescopic forks at the front and a hydraulic shock absorber at the rear, providing a comfortable ride.

While talking in both the parameters, i.e. pricing and mileage, the Activa 125 beats the Hero Pleasure Plus with a 5.3 litre of fuel tank and with a value-for-money price. The Activa 125 is great for having in the long run. Even though the price of Activa 125 is considered to be as expensive for some, some people only choose the Activa 125 for its amazing features such as alloy wheels, digital display system and many other things.

4. TVS Zest 110

TVS Zest offers great competition to Activa 125. It offers a 109.7cc engine that produces 7.47 bhp power and a torque of 8.4 Nm. Along with that, the TVS Zest 110 also does indeed have a fuel tank quantity of 5 litres. 

Even after having these amazing things, the TVS Zest 110 lags behind with Activa 125 as it offers much better things, such as a more refined 124cc engine that delivers the highest peak power of 8.29 bhp and a maximum of 10.3 Nm torque. Also, the Activa 125 offers an increased fuel tank of about 5.3 litres, and Activa 125 offers a mileage of about 50-55 Km/l. 

In almost every sense, the TVS Zest 110 is beaten by Activa 125. However, there is still one of the factors that give the upper hand to TVS Zest 110 over Activa 125, and that is the price tag. The TVS Zest 110 has quite a lower price tag as compared to Activa 125. Since Activa 125 offers a lot of things; so, it is obvious any brand won’t make the vehicle cheaper since it offers many things such as LED headlamps, alloy wheels, toggle to the on-off engine and many others.

Why Scooty?

We can say that even after, people do prefer a bike over a scooty; however, there are a whole lot of people who think quite the opposite. There is no denying the fact that a scooter never comes even closer to a bike, not in terms of speed or price but also in terms of practicality, as now bikes offer a lot of things as compared to a scooter. One of the reasons behind the popularity of scooters is that there are already a whole lot of brands available that offer bikes as well as scooters, so people already trust these brands. Also, yet another thing that makes people choose a scooter over a bike is the price and the fact that any person of any age can easily ride a scooter. 

In this era, almost every person wants to travel on their own and does not want to depend on someone under any circumstances, especially old people. On the other hand, most people prefer a bike which is very costly, and they prefer an affordable vehicle that can also be used by teenagers. It is no secret that brands like Honda, TVS, Hero etc. are some of the brands that are quite famous due to their bikes segment. However, since teens under the age of 18 are restricted from riding a bike, parents must have something that their children use in some situations if it arises.

Few Final Words

In the scooters segment of the two-wheeler vehicle, the Honda Activa has its own very special place, more specifically, Activa 6G and Activa 125. Both scooters are launched with completely different price tags. While the Activa 6G is powered by a 109.51cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 7.68PS and a maximum torque of 8.79Nm; on the other hand, the Activa 125 is powered by a 124cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 8.29PS of power and a torque of 10.3Nm. Both vehicles offer other benefits such as alloy wheels, a side-stand engine off, a toggle to turn the engine off and on, LED headlamps and many others.

However, it is quite interesting to know that there is also great competition in scooters, very similar to the bike segment. Some competitors include TVS Jupiter, which offers a large fuel tank of 6 litres along with 50-62 Km/l mileage. There are some other competitors, including Hero Maestro Edge 110, Hero Pleasure Plus and TVS Zest 110 and many others. Even though the Activa 125 and Activa 6G comes from the same brand yet they give each other very tough competition. Each scooty has a different price tag; some might be expensive, and some might be a lower price tag. 

There is no denying that scooters might never replace the bike that people still love and proudly own, even after several years. We advise our readers to choose a particular vehicle after carefully deciding which vehicle they want that comes under their budget and also offers a long-time after-sales service. There are lots of scooters currently present within different price segments to choose from. 




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Choosing a two-wheeler can be tough, especially when a person is choosing between the market's two beloved models. Each of the vehicles has its benefits and is designed to meet the demands of separate buyers. While Activa 125 not only being an expensive two-wheeler. It offers some additional features, such as LED headlights and others. The Activa 6G, quite like its predecessor, offers a budget approach to give an amazing riding experience and some minor compromises.
However, it is yet quite difficult to decide since it varies from buyer to buyer which two-wheeler is more suitable for them and, more importantly, which they can afford. When a middle-class family, especially in India, decides to buy a vehicle, they very rarely exceed their budget to buy anything. Not only this, the vehicle prices vary from place to place, and some offers and discounts apply to some specific stores. We suggest choosing the two-wheeler from Honda Activa 6G and Honda Activa 125; they must reach their nearby Honda showroom and ask for a trial and only then decide which is a suitable vehicle for them.
In conclusion, we only advise our readers it is entirely up to buyers to decide which vehicle is more suitable for them. Even if we recommend some vehicles, it does not need to be a good suggestion for all our readers. Every buyer thinks differently and from various perspectives. We also suggest that in order to choose the vehicles, the buyers must consider all the factors such as budget, prices, features, about a person who uses it mostly and others.
Although there are a lot of vehicles that a buyer can buy, especially when the money is not a problem, the two-wheeler industry is vast enough to offer so many choices a buyer can choose the most suitable vehicle. Apart from the price tag, there are yet many other factors to keep in mind while buying a two-wheeler vehicle, such as its fuel capacity, performance, and mileage.
Keeping these factors in mind, the first suggestion would be the Honda Activa 125, which offers some of the top-notch features that a vehicle might have to offer. Some features include LED headlights, alloy wheels, disk brakes, a toggle to turn on and off switch and many others. However, even after these amazing features, this two-wheeler fails to amaze with some of the things that some other two-wheelers offer, such as a big fuel tank of 6 litres and better mileage which is offered by TVS Jupiter. 
There are a lot of vehicles available to buy within almost every price range, and all the vehicles offer some similar or different features. It is only up to the buyer to choose which vehicle should be best suitable for them since even if the price may not be a problem for people yet, there are a lot of other factors that most people consider.
In the two-wheeler segment, the scooters are significantly made while keeping in mind the children and especially teenagers. Almost every scooty is suitable for teenagers since all provide various features, but there is always something unique to a particular scooty.
For teenagers, Scooters might be considered one of the safest two-wheelers in comparison to bikes, which are very costly and not completely safe. It significantly also depends on various factors a person is buying a scooter; for example, purpose, price, comfortability, mileage, and others. 
Almost every brand offers scooters, such as Honda, TVS, Hero etc. These are all some of the most popular brands which offer different scooters across different price ranges. We mention to our readers that every vehicle is suitable for teenagers; unless and until the rider rides the vehicle safely and responsibly.
Honda Activa 125 and TVS Jupiter are some of the most amazing scooters that the industry has offered. Both scooters offer some of the amazing basic features that a person might expect. At the same time, both scooters also offer something unique to their own that makes them different to one another.
When we talk about fuel efficiency, the TVS Jupiter doesn't make many compromises, not at least for this factor. It offers a massive 6 litres fuel tank which offers about 50-62 Km/l, according to some reports.
Price is always a very important factor for almost every person while buying an automobile. While making purchases, most people prefer to wait for some offers or want to have maximum discounts. In general, there is not exactly a particular day that comes up with as many offers and discounts as possible. 
We mention our readers to make purchases during the festive seasons or keep an eye on the brands' websites for offers. Many brands also offer bank loans to help buyers get them at the best price without any occasions or festivals.
There are a lot of scooters available that might be considered the best for long-distance travel, such as the TVS Jupiter, Honda Activa 125, and much more. TVS Jupiter has a huge fuel capacity of 6 litres, and it offers a great mileage of 50-62 kmpl. However, the TVS Jupiter is one of the best scooters that provides a massive fuel tank and amazing fuel mileage, but it might not be the only best when it comes to Honda Activa 125. 
Even though Activa 125 offers a smaller tank capacity and fuel mileage in comparison to the TVS Jupiter, it still offers some things that the TVS Jupiter lacks behind. The Honda Activa 125 has a more refined 124cc engine that delivers the highest peak power of 8.29 bhp and a maximum of 10.3 Nm torque. The scooter also offers alloy wheels along with a combi braking mechanism and supports suspension, which is great for bad road conditions. 
Due to some of these features, the Honda Activa 125 is considered to be one of the most comfortable scooters of all. There is no denying that scooters might not be best suitable for long distances; however, the Activa 125 might be something that a person might need.
There is not exactly any reason behind buying a bike over a scooter or vice versa while being in a similar price range. Both vehicles offer lots of benefits of their own, and it only depends on the buyer what they want to choose. 
The major difference between a scooter and a bike is the gearbox. While the bike is operated with gear and, at the same time, any scooter doesn't offer any sort of gear. This fact makes scooters user-friendly and suitable for any person who may or may not have prior knowledge of the gear vehicle. So, overall, it depends upon the choice of the buyer and which vehicle to buy.
Almost every vehicle is made to ensure the safety of the rider. However, in more practical terms, it has been seen that accidents on bikes are way more dangerous as compared to accidents on scooty. We can't deny the fact that certain people do not keep attention while driving, or they do some sort of overspeeding or rash driving, and this results in road accidents.
On the other hand, as we know that while on a bike, the speed increases rapidly as compared to a scooty which takes a significant amount of time. So, it becomes quite obvious that if an accident may occur, the person on the bike will be more injured as compared to the person on the scooter. In conclusion, we can only say that it is not just the vehicle that needs to be safe; it is also the responsibility of the rider to choose to ride responsibly.
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