Top 10 Best Mileage Bikes in India 2023

onAugust 13, 2022

The two-wheeler segment makes up most of the vehicle business in India, and it has continuously satisfied consumers’ high expectations. The producers are more eager to spend their money on bikes that will be convenient for users in the long run. Top manufacturers like Honda, TVS, Suzuki, Bajaj, and others offer the vehicle with the highest mileage in India, satisfying the needs of different users in terms of speed, mileage, toughness, and price.

Today’s trend is toward mileage bikes. We’re all looking for a bike that uses less fuel and will enable us all to achieve good efficiency when riding. The most fuel-efficient bikes in India include Hero, Bajaj, TVS, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki. The selection of everyday commuter bikes offers a high fuel efficiency level. Numerous instabilities have affected the market, but Covid stands out as one of the most significant. Because there are so many options, picking one of the best mileage bikes will enable you to go as quickly as possible.

To go around that, we will assist you in finding the list of the greatest motorcycles in India with mileage and pricing, together with the distinguishing features, in this blog post on the best mileage bike in India. Making the best choice will add dynamic to your experience. We’ve gathered the best fuel-efficient bikes the nation has to offer because the price of gasoline and diesel have you feeling tired. With the compiled list of the most fuel efficient bike in India, you can compare them before purchasing thus acquiring the best bikes.

1. Bajaj Platina 100

The Bajaj Platina 100 is a no 1 mileage bike in India with a starting price of Rs. 52,733 in India. It is offered in 4 variations and 10 colours, with the top variation starting at Rs. 64,292. The 102cc BS6 engine that powers the Bajaj Platina 100 produces 8.34 Nm of torque and 7.9 horsepower of energy. The Bajaj Platina 100 offers a combined braking system for both wheels and front and rear drum brakes. The 11-litre petrol tank on this Platina 100 bike weighs 117 kg.

An entry-level commuter motorcycle designed specifically for rural markets is the Bajaj Platina 100. It is above the CT100 and CT110 models, the two most economical Bajaj motorcycles. Both a Kickstarter and an electronic starter are available for this bike. The Pune-based maker has added knuckle protections to the cycle to make it more useful.

A 102cc fuel-injected engine that complies with BS6 and develops 7.8bhp and 8.34Nm of torque powers the Platina 100. An all-down four-speed manual gearbox is connected to the machine. With a 13-litre gasoline tank, the motorcycle is designed to be highly fuel-efficient. The Platina is anticipated to produce a slight gain in overall fuel efficiency with the switch from carburetor to fuel injection due to the new BS6 requirements.

The Platina 100 has rear springs and front forks with considerable travel for a plush ride. To increase comfort, even more, it also has a plush seat cushion, rubber footpads, and directional tyres. The Platina has a silver finish on the engine crankcase and black paint on the frame, exhaust, grip rails, and exhaust. Bajaj has kept a very traditional aesthetic throughout the rest of the design, which is relatively simple.

Telescopic forks and twin shock absorbers support the Platina 100’s 17-inch alloy wheels at each end of the vehicle. To provide a better ride, it has Bajaj’s Comfortec suspension system. The ES variant also comes with a front disc, while both ends of the vehicle have drum brakes for stopping.

2. TVS Sport

A sportier version of the Star City Plus bike is the TVS sport. The motorcycle has a zippy motor covered in sleek body panels that provide the utmost appeal, and it is well equipped and very fuel-efficient. It is the ideal commuter bike for buyers looking for a lightweight vehicle with a cost-effective price tag and a fuel-efficient engine. There are two primary variations of the TVS model: the self-starting and the kick-starting, both available in five colour combinations (red/black, white/purple, grey, and red). It is a top-ten best bike for mileage and is ideal. Therefore it should be used in every way.

In 2 models and 7 colours, the TVS Sport is a mileage motorcycle. An 8.18 horsepower and 8.7 Nm of torque are produced by the 109.7cc BS6 engine that powers the TVS Sport. The combined braking system of both wheels is created by TVS Sport using both the front and rear drum brakes. 10 gallons of fuel may fit in the 110 kg-weighted sport bike’s fuel tank.

Customers looking for a lightweight motorcycle with a cost-effective price tag and a fuel-efficient engine may consider the TVS Sport. A larger 110cc motor was added by TVS during the BS6 transition in April 2020, after it had initially been introduced as a 100cc model.

The TVS Sport is offered in five different colour combinations, including black/red, red, white/purple, white/red, and grey. There are two significant varieties available: kick start and self-start. A two-pod instrument cluster and LED DRLs that work in tandem with the bike’s traditional bulb-style headlamp are included as standard equipment.

3. Bajaj CT 110

This motorcycle was made to be a true workhorse in rural settings. Because of the bike’s pleasant ride, the target audiences have praised it. The motorcycle gives riders a beneficial riding experience and is perfect for battling harsh weather. For long-distance travel, the bike can handle a good load. The Bajaj CT 110 is the best bike for mileage because of its well-known excellent fuel efficiency and reasonable price.

The starting price of this highest mileage bike in India is Rs. 59,041. It comes in 2 models and 7 colours, with the highest variant starting at Rs. 66,500. The 115.45cc BS6 engine that powers the Bajaj CT 110 produces 8.48 horsepower and 9.81 Nm of torque. The Bajaj CT 110 has a dual-wheel braking system with both front and rear drum brakes. The fuel tank on this CT 110 bike can hold 10.5 gallons of gasoline and weighs 118 kg.

The Bajaj CT110X is positioned above the ordinary CT110 while sharing a platform. The CT110X stands out thanks to its appearance, which is comparatively tougher and more functional. The absence of the back fender is the most apparent modification. Even the front fender has been changed; it now sits a little higher and is painted matte black. Additionally, it has a handlebar brace, a headlamp cowl with LED DRL, and even an unexpectedly sizable engine guard and sump protection.

There are two pillion footrests and a luggage rack at the back of the Bajaj CT110X for enhanced convenience. The baggage rack can store up to 7 kilogrammes of cargo. Along with stronger thigh pads than those on the ordinary CT110, the commuter motorcycle also has a windshield. The CT110X’s 115cc single-cylinder engine continues to produce 8.48bhp and 9.81Nm, coupled to a 4-speed transmission. In four dual-tone colours—Blue with black, Red with black, Green with Golden, and Red—Bajaj offers the CT110X.

4. TVS Star City Plus

The TVS Star City Plus, which boasts a comfortable riding position, a light curb weight, and a fuel-efficient engine, is TVS’s greatest mileage bike. Additionally, there are twelve intense colours on the market for you to select from. In that price range, the bike is very reasonable. Additionally, it offers fuel efficiency when travelling a long distance. Numerous colour variations are readily available and are pretty well-liked by everyone. The dual-tone and monochromatic bikes are excellent for commuting. Aside from the improved engine, the new features have been enhanced with style. The back panel of the bike’s bikini fairing has a great sportier appearance. You can use this bike without a second thought if you’re looking for the best mileage bike in India.

The commuter lineup from TVS Motor Company includes Star City Plus. Two versions of it have been released: monotone and dual-tone. Aside from the improved engine, the new Star City has additional features and updated aesthetics.

A 109cc propels the motorcycle, fuel-injected engine cranks out 8bhp at 7,350 rpm and 8.7Nm at 4,500 rpm. Compared to the BS4 powertrain, this is a slight performance decrease. A four-speed gearbox continues to handle transmission responsibilities. According to the manufacturer, the new Fi engine is 15% more fuel-efficient than its carbureted counterpart. While the premium version has a petal-style disc brake up front, the base model employs drum brakes on both wheels.

The motorcycle has many amenities, including a dual-tone seat, a USB charger for mobile devices, and a rear shock absorber that can be adjusted in five steps. On a cluster of semi-digital instruments, information is still being shown. The Star City Plus has received new styling from TVs as well. The fuel tank, rear panel, and bikini fairing are all unique, giving it a sportier look. Regarding the hardware, not only is the rear suspension now adjustable, but a disc brake model is also available now.

5. Honda SP 125

The Honda SP 125 is Honda’s bike with the best mpg. The greatest budget-friendly everyday commuting bike is this one. The bike is the best mileage bike under 1 lakh because of its excellent performance and fuel efficiency. The bike is too comfortable in general. The motorcycle’s design is overly traditional, and some people find the bike’s pricing excessive.

Imagine you find it challenging to purchase a new distance bike. The SP 125 has the same setup as the CB Shine SP in cycle parts. It has dual spring-loaded shock absorbers at the back and telescopic front forks. Drum brakes on the base model and a disc-drum setup on the higher variation are used for braking. CBS is included in both editions as standard. The bike has 80/100 section tyres at both ends and rides on 18-inch rims.

6. Honda CD 110 Dream

The Honda motorcycle is an ideal commuter bike that enhances the best daily commuter bike niche. A bikini fairing, body-coloured front fender, raw-coloured rearview mirror housing, blacked-out exhaust canister, and chrome heat shield are all prominent features of the motorcycle. This bike with best mileage has modern technology that is well-equipped. It increases the bikes’ 70 km mileage. It comes in two variations, Standard and Deluxe, with four distinct colours.

A commuter-segment motorcycle in Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India’s lineup is the CD 110 Dream. The commuter has a bikini fairing, a front fender that matches the body, a rearview mirror housing that fits the body, five-spoke alloy wheels, an exhaust canister that is blacked out, and a chrome heat shield. The fuel tank and side panels of the motorcycle also have graphics. The bike has a long seat, a sealed chain, an integrated pass switch, and an engine start/stop button.

There are two versions of the CD 110 Dream: Standard and Deluxe. There are four colours for each performance. Black with Blue, Black with Cabin Gold, Black with Grey, and Black with Red are the available colour combinations for the Standard model. Imperial Red Metallic, Geny Grey Metallic, Athletic Blue Metallic, and Black are the available colour options for the Deluxe model.

The mechanical parameters are identical in both variations. The 109.51cc, single-cylinder engine is calibrated to generate 9.30Nm of maximum torque at 5,500 rpm and 8.67bhp at 7,500 rpm. The gearbox has a four-speed connection to the motor. The motorcycle also has an ACG Silent Starter, which is advantageous.

It is one of the best average bikes in India having a diamond-shaped chassis, telescoping front forks, twin-sided rear springs, drum brakes on both wheels, and CBS technology. The tubeless 80/100-section tyres are mounted on 18-inch alloy wheels. Customers can choose to extend the standard three-year warranty on the CD 110 Dream by an extra three years.

7. Hero Splendor Plus

In the automobile, the Hero Splendor Plus is one of the best mileage bikes in India. It has incredible mileage and is one of the best commuter bikes. With a powerful 97.2 cc engine that offers fuel efficiency, the bike is lightweight and simple to control on the road. On the other hand, the motorcycle lacks contemporary characteristics, a common feature of the bike. The Splendor Plus continues to be Hero’s top-selling model among all the greatest mileage bikes in India. Three stunning variations of the daily commuter bike are available: the self-start with alloy wheels, the self-start with alloys, and the self-start with alloys and i3S. Regarding appearance, the cycle hasn’t altered much throughout the years. The motorcycle has become more accessible for middle-class people to utilise in various ways thanks to the increased number of service facilities.

Indian commuter bike buyers can purchase the Hero Splendor Plus for as little as Rs. 70,486. The top variant, starting at Rs. 74,108, is offered in 13 colours and 5 variations. The 97.2cc BS6 engine in the Hero Splendor Plus produces 8.05 Nm of torque and 7.91 horsepower of power. The Hero Splendor Plus has a combined braking system for both wheels, thanks to its front and rear drum brakes. This Splendor Plus bike weights 112 kg and has a 9.8 gallon fuel tank capacity.

The Splendor Plus remains the most popular item sold by Hero Motocorp. The motorcycle is available in three variations: self-start with alloy wheels, self-start with alloy wheels and i3S and kick-start with alloy wheels.

A fuel-injection system using Hero’s “XSens technology” has been added to Splendor Plus’s 100cc carbureted powerplant. At this point, the engine generates 8.05Nm at 6,000 rpm and 7.91bhp at 8,000 rpm. The torque figure stays the same but arrives 1000 rpm later, resulting in a loss of 1.3 bhp. The four-speed gearbox is still connected to the engine.

Hero did launch the new Black and Accent variation and the 100 Million Edition to maintain consumer excitement even though the motorcycle’s design has not changed. Black paint has been applied to the chain cover, wheels, and engine in this instance. Dual shock absorbers, telescoping forks, and drum brakes on both ends are still part of the bicycle. The BS6 Splendor Plus weighs a little more than the BS4 Splendor Plus (109kg at the curb), probably because of alterations made to the engine. Eleven litres are available in the gasoline tank.

8. TVS Raider 125

The TVS Raider 125 is a fantastic entry-level commuter bike and has the highest mileage. It has a sportier look with lots of features that are more appropriate for the Indian market. The motorcycle’s instrument panel is Bluetooth-enabled.

A TVS Raider 125 motorcycle may be purchased in India for as little as Rs. 89,100. The highest variant starts at Rs. 93,892 and is offered in 2 configurations and 4 colours. The TVS Raider 125 is propelled by a 124.8cc BS6 engine that produces 11.2 horsepower and 11.2 Nm of torque. The TVS Raider 125 has a combined braking system for both wheels, thanks to its front and rear drum brakes. The petrol tank on this Raider 125 bike can hold 10 gallons and weighs 123 kg.

With the introduction of Raider, a brand-new premium commuter motorcycle, TVS Motor Company has revised its lineup. This new model from the Hosur-based two-wheeler company goes up against the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 and the Honda SP 125 in the Indian market. The new Raider will be available from TVS Motor Company in three variations: Drum, Disc, and Connected.

A 124.8cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, three-valve engine is used in all variations; it generates 11.2bhp at 7,500 rpm and 11.2Nm of maximum torque at 6,000 rpm. There is a five-speed transmission connected to the motor. According to the manufacturer, acceleration from 0 to 60 kilometres per hour (kph) takes 5.9 seconds, and the peak speed is 99 kph.

A contemporary LED headlamp design, a body-coloured headlight cowl, a body-coloured front fender, a split-style saddle, an aluminium grab rail, and an engine cowl are some of the styling cues. There are four colour choices for this 125cc sporty commuter motorcycle: Fiery Yellow, Wicked Black, Blazing Blue, and Striking Red.

An LED headlight with integrated LED DRLs, an LED taillight, a five-inch digital display, an idle stop-start system, two ride modes (Eco and Power), and first-in-segment under-seat storage are included as standard features on both variations of the motorcycle. The Connected model also has a colour TFT screen, Bluetooth technology, and a Voice Assist feature that integrates with TVS SmartXConnect. Incoming call and message notifications, voice assistance, navigation, and other features are added to the connected version. There is a USB charger available as an additional.

30mm telescopic front forks and a preload-adjustable rear mono-shock make up the suspension system. On the standard model, drum units on both wheels are in charge of braking duties. The front and back of the disc versions drum unit and disc measure 240mm and 130mm. The combined braking system serves as the safety net for all variations.

9. Bajaj Avenger Cruiser 220

One of the best mileage bikes under 1 lakh is the 220cc, which offers the best mileage. With an incredibly comfortable riding experience for the customer, it stays true to its category as a distance bike. The cruiser variant is additionally covered in chrome, which gives it a retro appearance. Only mechanical improvements were made as part of the BS6 update for the Avenger Cruiser 220.

The design of the bike, which continues to be a traditional cruiser motorbike with a low-slung saddle, a windscreen up front, and a long wheelbase, is the best mileage bike in India for 2023. The bike’s unusual appearance is its best feature; it would be pretty challenging to add this high-end touch to the complete package that this bike offers the market. The motorbike model is unique, but it also includes dynamic strains. The rider and passenger have an excellent riding experience on this bike, despite the engine’s vibration, which isn’t liked.

To meet the most current emission standards, Bajaj Auto redesigned their flagship cruiser motorcycle, the Avenger Cruise 220. The Avenger Cruise 220’s BS6 update only includes mechanical improvements. The Avenger Cruise 220 BS6 continues to have a traditional cruiser motorcycle design with a low-slung saddle, rear-swept handlebar, a windscreen at the front, and a long wheelbase. On the other hand, the stylistic cues have not changed. The wire-spoke wheels, chrome treatment on various sections, and 3D branding give the whole thing a luxury feel.

The hardware of the BS6 model is still much the same as that on the BS4 motorcycle, much like the aesthetics. As a result, telescopic forks with a double anti-friction bush up front and twin springs with a five-step adjustment down back are responsible for shock absorption. A front 280mm disc brake and a rear 130mm drum brake provide the anchoring force. The motorcycle has single-channel ABS as part of its safety net.

10. Revolt RV 300

The most well-liked Revolt RV 300 is presented in scaled-down variations as RV300. It is accessible and uses the same language as its older siblings while maintaining the same street bike stance. Neon black and Smokey grey are the two available colours for the RV300 right now. The most efficient electric bike is this one. It is well-powered by a 1.5 KW hub-mounted motor that receives power from a lithium-ion battery 60V/2.7 kWh in size.

The bike may be charged in just three hours and run for several hours. Three riding modes—Eco, Normal, and Sport—are available on the motorcycle. It receives an app for the bike for exciting features like Geofencing and notices updates when the battery is low. The bike has a mono-shock for the back end and adjustable gas features. A disc drum arrangement with CBS is used for braking.


Due to the wide appeal as an accessible and reasonably priced mode of transportation, two-wheelers are the most widely purchased vehicles in India. It is simpler for people to maneuver around traffic and confined places on two-wheel vehicles, such as motorbikes and scooters. When buying a bike, the cost of the vehicle and the mileage should be the two main determining elements in your decision. A bike loan can help you cover the expense, but most people are unclear about mileage.

Mileage is the number of miles your bike can cover on a single liter of fuel; this figure is typically expressed in kilometers per liter. The way you ride has also a significant impact on mileage. Power loss and decreased fuel efficiency result from regularly braking and accelerating at the same time. The two-wheelers with good mileage are the icing on the cake as fuel costs approach all-time highs. In order to make sure the bike is cost-effective over the long haul, it is crucial to consider the mileage. The best average bikes in India with the best mileage are typically chosen by those looking for comfort while also needing more affordable solutions. In conclusion, the previous ranking of the top mileage bikes in India is based on the bike’s type, features, and mileage. To make the optimal decision, one should consider other factors into accounts, such as engine power and maintenance costs.

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