Top 10 Tyre Manufacturing Companies in India

onJuly 23, 2022

The tyre industry is a growing industry in India. Notably, the growth is a function of the robust increase in vehicle usage in the country—all vehicles have tires.

Due to the remarkable growth of the automobile industry, India has become the fourth largest tyre market in the world. The countries ahead of India’s tyre market size are China, Europe, and the US.

According to the tyre industry data, as per the Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA) website, there are 41 tyre companies in India and 66 tyre plants in the country. And the industry turnover stands at around INR 60,000 (USD 8.5 Billion).

The industry is exhibiting remarkable growth that makes setting up a tyre manufacturing plant in the country an attractive option.

According to a reliable source, tyre production in India in the financial year 2021 was 169.07 million units. And the output in the financial year 2011 was lower at 119.2 million units, according to the source.

During the intervening fiscals, the production was the highest in the financial year 2019 and was at 191.98 million units, as depicted in the source. And a calculation shows that the tyre industry grew at a compounded annual growth of 3.2%.

Besides, the size of the tyre industry in the country is forecasted by market research analysts to reach around 226 million units by 2027.

The tyre manufacturers in India are in an advantageous position, given the industry’s growth prospects in the long run.

Traits of Good Tyres

Before discovering the best tyre companies in India, it is a good idea to explore the characteristics of good tyres, as that will create a mental foundation for identifying the best tyre manufacturers in India. 

Typically, good tyres are endowed with the following characteristics:


Good tyres provide comfort for drivers. Comfortable tyres protect drivers from the discomfort arising from the imperfections on the road.

Due to their prudent design, the tyres absorb shock. As a result, drivers undergo comfortable driving.

The factors contributing to the comfortability of tyres are the number of grooves and their placements. Moreover, the tread shape of the tyre is also a decisive factor. 


Good tyres should be able to resist anything that comes on the road. And, tyres are robust to withstand dangers on the road.


It refers to the response of a vehicle to drivers’ actions such as accelerating, braking, or turning. During the execution of such actions, it is vital for the vehicle to remain steady, the driver in control, and the passengers safe.

During handling, the tyres play a critical role by transmitting the driver’s directions from the steering wheel to the ground.

Good tyres increase the handling performance.


Good tyres last longer. And they are more resistant to wear and tear. 

Durability is dependent on factors such as mileage, design, and quality.

Fuel Efficiency

Tyres can influence the fuel consumption of a vehicle. Good tyres are made of materials that lower the lower friction with the road. Such tyres render a vehicle efficient.

The tyres are the contact point of a vehicle with the ground. And a perfect grip is vital for the vehicle’s safety, apart from making it convenient to apply brakes, remain steady, and turn at higher speeds. Good tyres provide a perfect grip and can resist harsh road and weather conditions.

Let us discover India’s top 10 tyre manufacturers:

#1. MRF

Starting as a balloon factory in Chennai (erstwhile Madras) in 1946, MRF (an acronym for Madras Rubber Factory) has come a long way to become the largest tyre manufacturer in India.

The company’s products are not only sold in the domestic market of India but also in the markets of 65 countries.

The company has eight manufacturing plants at different locations in India–Goa, Ankenpally, Medak, Arkonam, Trichy, Tiruvottiyur, Kottayam, Puducherry, and Tiruchirapalli.

MRF produces tyres for a wide spectrum of vehicles—cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, farm machinery, OTR vehicles, LCV, SCV, pickup, 3-wheeler, etc.

Given the company’s broad product portfolio, market share, and product quality, you can regard MRF as the best tyre brand in India. 

MRF’s product portfolio comprises a broad spectrum of tyres, extending from entry-level ones to luxury-car radials, which are known for high quality.

The company has sold the most significant quantity of tyres in the country as original fitment on new vehicles of almost all categories. And, the tyre maker is regarded as the best tyre company in India. 

#2. Apollo

Apollo is headquartered in Gurgaon, India. The renowned tyre maker is one of the top tyre brands in India. 

The company, established in 1972, had set up its first plant at Perambra in Chalakudy of Kerala.

Apollo hitherto has four manufacturing plants in India and two outside the country—one each in the Netherlands and Hungary. 

The four domestic plants are situated in Chennai, Perambra, Limbda, and Kalamassery. Out of the four plants, the one in Chennai is the largest.

The forerunner among the best tyre manufacturing companies in India earns around 69% of its revenues from India.

The rest of its revenues come from overseas operations, predominately from Europe, where the company generates around 26% of its revenues. 

Apollo hitherto has 2,500 exclusive outlets in its around 5,000 dealerships in India.

The company, known as the best tyre brand in India, sells its products under the brands– Apollo, Vredestein, Kaizen, and Regal. And the tyre maker produces tyres for all kinds of vehicles–two-wheelers, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, etc.

The company’s most products fall within the budget category. At the same time, Apollo also sells some high-performance and luxury radials.

#3. Bridgestone

The tyre maker is one of the best tyre manufacturing companies in India. Bridgestone has been in operation since 1996. And its products are well-suited to the Indian road conditions. 

Even though the company’s tyres are of top quality, the range is not that broad. Bridgestone sells tyres for cars, SUVs, buses, and trucks in India.

The company has ambitious plans for the future. Bridgestone has formulated a strategy to sell smart tyre solutions, which will be helpful to fleet operators.

The working mechanism of the future smart tyre solutions of the company will involve IoT-based sensors that will remotely check the conditions of the tyres in real time.

The sensors will transmit the air pressure, load, and wear to the control room.

The company has two tyre manufacturing plants in India—Pithampur and Chakan. Besides, Bridgestone is present in the original equipment and aftermarket sectors.

The tyre company has nearly 3,000 dealers across India, through which Bridgestone sells high-quality tyres at different price points.

Again, the company has recently restructured its business structure, merging its India operations under its Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) business unit. Moreover, the company is in the process of raising its car tyre production to 20,000 units a day.

#4. CEAT Tyres

The tyre manufacturer, founded in 1958, is one of the companies of the RPG Group. Over the years, CEAT perfected its offerings, becoming one of the premier tyre companies in India. 

The Mumbai-headquartered tyre company produces high-quality tyres for cars, buses, two-wheelers, SUVs, pickups, agriculture, earth-movers, construction vehicles, and commercial vehicles. Besides, CEAT sells its products in 130 countries.

The company has manufacturing plants in India at Ambernath, Halol, Bhandup, Nagpur, Chennai, and Nashik. And the company sells its products through 4500 dealers across the country.

#5. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

 The tyre company is not an Indian brand but has established itself as one of the top tyre brands in India.

Goodyear entered the Indian market in the early 1960s and has produced and supplied high-quality tyres. The company hitherto has two manufacturing plants in India—at Aurangabad and another in Ballabgarh. Globally, Goodyear manufactures tyres in 21 countries.

As the company has been operating in India for a substantially long time, it gained a deeper understanding of the needs of Indian consumers.

Goodyear manufactures tyres for cars and farm vehicles in India. And the tyres are used as original equipment and replacement tyres.

The company provides high-quality products for the Indian market, including high-performance radials and rugged, off-road-ready tyres.

#6. TVS Eurogrip

The company was launched in 1982 as TVS Tyres, later rechristened TVS Eurogrip. The company has positioned itself as one of the top tyre brands in India. 

The company operates two manufacturing plants in India—Madurai, and Rudrapur. In addition to selling its good-quality tyres in India through a network of around 3,000 dealers, TVS Eurogrip exports its products to more than 70 countries.

The company has a comprehensive product portfolio comprising two- and three-wheeler tyres and farm and implement vehicles. 

In addition, TVS Eurogrip also produces industrial pneumatic, skid-steer, multi-purpose, and floatation tyres for specific uses.

Besides, the company specializes in motorcycle tyres, including a comprehensive range from commuter to high-performance tyres.

#7. JK Tyres

The tyre maker started operations in 1977. And the company has emerged as a prominent name in the motorsports arena.

Apart from India, JK Tyres has a presence in 100 countries and 12 manufacturing plants. Of these, nine are in India, and three are in Mexico.

In India, JK Tyres has three manufacturing plants, each at Mysore and Haridwar and one in Banmore, Kankroli, and Chennai.

The company manufactures tyres for almost all vehicle segments: cars, motorcycles, scooters, three-wheelers, commercial, off-road, and retread.

 JK Tyres sells its products in almost all parts of India through 4,000 exclusive dealers and 500 individual brand shops.

The Mysore-based Raghupati Singhania Center of Excellence supports the company’s development initiatives.

In addition to the value-based segment, the company also manufactures tyres for premium cars. Besides, JK Tyres also manufactures Smart Tyres equipped with sensors to allow monitoring of the tyre’s condition in real time.

#8. Ralco Tyres

The parent company—Ralson—initially focused on manufacturing high-quality bicycle tyres. 

In 2001, the company entered the automotive space—two and three-wheelers—under the brand-Ralco.

Subsequently, Ralco entered the farm equipment and light commercial vehicle segments by 2010. And the company did not stop there.

Ralco entered the heavy commercial vehicle space. Moreover, the company is an original tyre manufacturer for electric three-wheelers.

Ralco has mastered the nitty-gritty aspects of the Indian tyre market during its existence in India for so many years.

Ralco has two manufacturing plants in Ludhiana hitherto. Besides, the company is in the process of setting up a new production facility in Indore for manufacturing heavy commercial vehicle tyres.

The company sells its tyres in India through around 5,000 dealers in various parts of the country.

#9. Continental Tyres

The company is a German-based tyre manufacturer established in 1871. Continental Tyres has been operating in India for more than 50 years.

In India, the tyre maker produces tyres for the car segment and has a plant in Modipuram. Notably, the company’s management is in the process of increasing its production capacity in India.

Continental Tyres operates in 12 countries and has 13 manufacturing plants.

In India, the tyre maker produces tyres for hatchbacks, SUVs, and high-end cars. However, the company is yet to produce a high-performance tyre.

#10. Michelin

The excellent tyre maker is headquartered in France and sells its top-quality tyres in 171 countries, including India.

Globally, the company has 5000 tyre distribution and service centers. In addition, the tyre maker has 69 research & development centers worldwide, including one in India.

The company has earned the reputation of the best tyre company in India due to its superior products and deep understanding of the market needs. 

In India, the tyre company sells high-quality tyres for two-wheelers, cars, buses, commercial vehicles, and off-road vehicles.

The tyre maker serves the Indian market by importing from its foreign manufacturing plants. However, truck and bus tyres are an exception, as the company produces them in its production facility in Chennai.

The company has energy-efficient tyres, ride-orientated tyres, and unique off-road-ready products for SUVs. In addition, Michelin sells high-performance tyres in the Indian market.

The tyre maker also has a wide range of high-class tyres for two-wheelers–road-focused tyres for motorcycles and scooters, off-road-ready tyres, and other tyres for high-end motorcycles.

Michelin operates from its Gurgaon office in India.

The Final Words

The tyre industry is a booming industry in India. And the growth of the automobile industry is the key growth driver of the tyre industry in the country.

The tyre industry contributes around 0.5% to the GDP of the country. And the market size is expected to reach 218 million units by 2026 from 177 million units in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 3.6%.

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