With the brand-new Elevate, Honda has made its much-awaited debut in the competitive mid-size SUV market. The Japanese manufacturer is trying to redefine success in the Indian market with this audacious initiative. The painstakingly constructed and engineered ground-up India Elevate SUV is a monument to Honda’s dedication, strongly focusing on responding to indigenous consumers’ distinct demands and tastes. If you want to ride in comfort and luxury with extreme power in your hands, then Honda Elevate is the go-to choice. The superior mid-size SUV is available with a 1.5l petrol engine. The state-of-the-art design attributes can offer superior exterior attractiveness with comfortable interior aesthetics. Being available in 7 variants and three shades, you will now have various choices for Honda Elevate.

The Honda Elevate comes with all essential and addictive features that can provide you with stunning exteriors, ambient interiors, and superior safety components. Let us dive into the beneficial characteristics of the mid-size SUV. 

Exterior Features 

The Honda Elevate SUV can attract any viewers with its alluring externals. These features not only create attractive exterior features but also can support the on-road presence of the vehicle. 

Front Grille 

The grille of any vehicle is the index of the car that can augment the vehicle’s look. Honda Elevate is available with a bold front grille with attractive contours. It can support the sports look of the SUV. 

Head Lamps 

Honda Elevate is available with superior illuminating LED headlamps that can brighten your journey. The projector headlamp is integrated with LED DRLs to mark your on-road presence. 

Tail Lamps 

Now, your all-new Honda Elevate can ensure your on-road safety with an intelligent tail lamp. The LED rear light is available with stylish contour at superior functionality. 

Alloy Wheels 

Honda Elevate runs on robust diamond-cut alloy wheels with excellent stability and comfort. The dual-tone shades of the wheel can add exterior ambience to the SUV. 

Wheel Base 

Your Honda Elevate can make a strong road presence and stay stable on your whole journey with a wide 2650mm wheelbase. 

Ground Clearance

The all-new Honda Elevate can ride stable on any landscape with high ground clearance. 

Interior Features 

You can enjoy excellent travel comfort on your Honda Elevate with its stunning interior attributes. Check out the SUV’s comfort-focused interior elements to use it. 

Cargo Space

Elevate SUV is suitable for long journeys with a large cargo of 458L. Now, you can accommodate all your luggage types in the comprehensive trunk space.

Dash Board 

A spacious, handy dual-tone dashboard with a wood finish can support the interior ambience of your Honda Elevate. 


The dual-tone luxurious SUV seats allow users to travel in style and comfort. 


Honda Elevate is handy with the comfortable sports steering wheel. The steering-mounted controls of the vehicle are even more comfortable to handle the vehicle. 

Rear Seats

Now, you can increase the boot space of your Honda Elevate with a foldable rear seat. The 60:40 split rear seat can offer comfort as well as functionality. 

Touch Screen 

The informative large 26.03 mm high-definition touchscreen display can help you control audio with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

TFT Meter 

Honda Elevate has a large 7-inch HD full-colour TFT meter that can provide valuable insights about your ride. 

Wireless Smart Charger 

Now, all Honda Elevate users can enjoy the next level of charging solutions. You can use the Wireless smart charger of your SUV to get your smartphone charged super quickly. 

Safety Features 

Honda Elevate can conform to the safety features of all drivers with its superior safety features. Dive in to have a glimpse of it. 

Body Frame 

The all-new Honda Elevate is built over an original solid ACE body architecture that can ensure ultimate road safety. 

Air Bags 

The Honda SUV has six quality airbags to ensure the safety of the driver and all the passengers. 


You can handle your Honda Elevate properly with quality vehicle stability assistance. The VSA will monitor and tune your vehicle’s stability during sharp turning and other moves. 


Are you a nature aspirant? Then, the intelligent vehicle hill stability assistance can help you climb over slopes at any elevation with ease and comfort. 


Handling your Honda Elevate is now super easy with the quality agile handling assist system. The superior utility can help you maintain power delivery and assist in braking tasks. 


The effective anti-lock braking system lets you stop your Honda Elevate at any speed on any landscape.


Now, you can feel the power of the intelligent braking system with the electronic braking force distribution system. 

Rear Parking Sensors

Parking in a crowded street? No worries. Elevate’s smart rear parking sensors can assist you in parking your SUV on any crowded street. 

Multi-Angle Camera With Guide Lines 

Honda Invicto can supplement your insights with the multi-angle camera. Now, you can view what is available in the rear of your vehicle with this intelligent, high-quality camera with guidelines for parking assistance.


You can stop your vehicle anytime without risk with an active emergency stop signal. 


The Honda Elevate is equipped with quality ISOFIX attachment with a tether feature to accommodate your child and ensure their safety. 


The superior Honda Elevate is available with an intelligent ADAS system. The Advanced Driver Assistance System has Collision mitigation braking, Road Departure Mitigation, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Auto High Beam, and Lead Car Departure Notification System. 

Collision Mitigation Braking System

The Honda’s collision mitigating system can detect and warn drivers about the potential to avoid impact. The CMBS system effectively senses with a quality radar transmitter installed in the front grille. 

Road Departure Mitigation System

Your smart Elevate SUV can identify the Lane marking using an RDM system. The windshield is mounted with a quality camera to identify the road markings and help you maintain your Lane.         

Lane Keeping Assist System

The lane-keeping assist system is another superior for keeping your SUV on track. The intelligent system can help you keep your vehicle in the centre of the Lane at any speed. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Honda Elevate ACC System can assist drivers in maintaining a safe distance between vehicles. Elevate SUVs can control the vehicle speed automatically using the ACC system.  

Auto High Beam

Now, you can ride with comfort with the smart headlamp control. A Honda SUV can automatically switch between high and low beams when it detects a vehicle ahead. 

Lead Car Departure Notification

This sensing alert of Honda Elevate can inform you when the vehicle in front of you starts moving even though it works great under favourable weather conditions, and it is quite an innovation in technology. 

Colour Variants 

Honda Elevate can be availed in a variety of colour shades with attractive exterior attributes. The vehicle’s single and dual-tone colour shades can impress anyone when the car hits the road. 

Single Tone Colours 

Phoenix Orange Pearl 

Obsidian Blue Pearl 

Radiant Red Metallic 

Platinium White Pearl 

Golden Brown Metallic 

Lunar Silver Metallic 

Meteoroid Gray Metallic 

Dual Tone Colours 

Phoenix Orange Pearl with Crystal Black Pearl Roof 

Platinium White Pearl with Crystal Black Pearl Roof 

Radiant Red Metallic with Crystal Black Pearl Roof 

Feature Variant 

Honda Elevate is available with Manual transmission and automatic transmission options. Based on that, the vehicle is available in several variants with distinctive feature sets. 

Honda Elevate VX MT

Honda Elevate ZX CVT 

Honda Elevate SV MT 

Honda Elevate V MT

Honda Elevate ZX MT

Honda Elevate V CVT

Honda Elevate VX CVT 

Engine Specification and Performance 

Honda Elevate has an intelligent 1.5L i-VTEC DOHC hybrid engine with VTC technology. The superior SUV can deliver extensive power of 89kW and torque of 145Nm. The power pack of the top-rated Elevate SUV is packed in a body build of 4312mm length, 1790mm width, and 1650mm height. Being available in manual and auto CVT transmission modes, the Honda Elevate is a five-seater petrol SUV that can hit the road with significant power. The Honda Elevate can make your travel comfortable with a strong McPherson Strut With Coil Spring front suspension and Torsion beam with coil spring rear suspension. Stopping the vehicle is super easy with the front disk and rear drum braking system. The manual transmission-enabled Honda Elevate can offer a fuel economy of 15.3 Kmpl, and the auto transmission version can offer an economical 16.9 Kmpl mileage. 

Good and Bad Things about the Vehicle 

Understanding the pros and cons of the all-new Honda Elevate can help justify your choice. Continue reading to comprehend the attributes of the mid-sized SUV. 

Good Things 

Honda Elevate is bundled with many beneficial features to help users comfortably travel. Read on to learn it. 

● Conventional SUV with simple and luxury interiors. 

● Superior safety features 

● Attractive, rug Higed, and sporty design 

● Large Chrome Grille

● Spacious cabin and large boot space 

● A smooth and responsive transmission system with an eCVT gearbox

● Bundle of more features 

● ADAS Level 2 feature 

● Superior Honda Connect system 

Bad Things 

Although Honda Elevate is a complete pack of supreme functionality, it has a few areas to improve. Go through the points given below. 

● No sunroof option is available. 

● Lags in HUD and ventilated seats feature. 

● No diesel engine technology 

● Comparatively high vehicle pricing 

● No seven-seater option is available 

● Lags in four-wheel drive option 

● No electric seat arrangement 


Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos are the potential competitors of the all-new Honda Elevate. All three vehicles have the same type of engine configurations. Honda Elevate, Creta, and Seltos are powered by a superior 1498CC 4-cylinder, Inline, 4 Valves DOHC petrol hybrid engine. Honda Elevate is equipped with a 1.5 I V-TEC engine with VTC. Hyundai Creta has a 1.5 IMPi Petrol engine, and Kia Seltos has a G1.5 MPi engine. Elevate has more power output than Creta and Seltos. The superior SUV can deliver a power of 119 bhp at 6600 rpm. Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta can deliver a slightly lower power of 113bhp at 6300 rpm. The tested mileage of Honda Elevate is 15.31 Kmpl, according to ARAI. Seltos and Cretas offer higher fuel economy than Elevate SUVs.

All three vehicles are available with FWD drivetrain with extreme power. The manual six-gear transmission system of the vehicle can make handling Honda Elevate, Hyundai Creta, and Kia Seltos super easy. Honda Elevate is more concentrated on the safety of the passengers than the other two competitors. Lane departure warning system, Forward collision warning, Automatic emergency braking, High-beam assist, and lane departure prevention safety systems are available in Honda Elevate. Kio Seltos or Hyundai Creta do not offer these features. Honda Elevate has more comfort features like the Middle rear headrest, whereas the other two rivals did not offer this feature. Honda Elevate and Kia Seltos can offer excellent braking control with superior brake assist, whereas Hyundai Creta lags in this feature. The keyless entry feature is available in Elevate and Seltos SUVs, but Creta doesn’t have this feature. Only Honda Elevate offers an Automatic Climate control system for enhanced interior comfort among three cars. Among the three SUVs, only the Honda Elevate is available with a reverse camera with a guidance line for assisting parking. The other two competitors lag in this feature. 


If you want a mid-sized SUV with powerful features at an affordable cost, then Honda Elevate is your go-to choice. With the advanced technology, the SUV will hit the market soon. The large variant choice that the Honda Elevate offers makes it crucial to check the advantageous characteristics of the vehicle before selecting one. To provide you with a glimpse of the attributes of the superior Elevate, we have briefed a comprehensive review of the vehicle in this post. This can give you some useful insights into the vehicle’s characteristics. Choose your favourite type and enjoy the power of a Honda SUV in your hands. 



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You can buy a Honda Elevate in a five-seater option. This arrangement makes the SUV offer a spacious interior and luxury journey.
Honda Elevate launched with a price range of 11 lakhs to 16 lakhs.
Few of the Honda Elevate variants are available with the panoramic sunroof option which are VX MT, ZX CVT, SV MT, ZX MT, VX CVT.
Honda Elevate manual transmission vehicle can offer a mileage of 15.3 kmpl, and the Honda Elevate auto transmission vehicle can offer a fuel economy of 16.9 kmpl.
Now, handling your SUV is super easy, with a sharp turning radius of 5.2m. The solid structure of the vehicle can help in this regard.
The Honda SUV is available with a foldable rear seat with an individual headrest. The central armrest of the rear seats can offer you more comfort.
As the Honda Elevate is yet to be launched, the exact safety rating of the vehicle is not known. However, the strong frame and contours of the vehicle may get a better rating in the safety rank.
Honda Elevate is available with a keyless entry option for easy access to the vehicle.
The all-new Honda Elevate is available with a superior Advanced Driver Assistance System to enable the driver to enjoy the ride.
Honda Elevate is available in seven single-shade colours and three dual-tone colour shades.

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