Kia Seltos Overview

For the one who does not know, Kia entered the market with the mission to capture the mind and heart of every individual. This car successfully showcases all the Korean car makers’ intentions, and one can’t point out any mistake regarding features and facilities. This mid-size SUV successfully captured the heart of every car lover with its unique pattern and design. Professional claims that the success of Kia Seltos has created a massive market for Kia Sonet, Carens, and the Carnivals. This car brand has become so popular that it has started giving tough competition to Honda and Mahindra. 

The amazing Kia Seltos has an impressive road presence paired with exciting features and passengers’ comfort to raise the bar of your driving experience. If you love mid-size SUVs, no other car can be as good as the Kia Seltos. The Kia Seltos is successful at fulfilling all the criteria. Manufacturers have attached projector headlamps to add more elegance to the car, and the bonnet is flat and offers a premium look. This car is loaded with advanced technology; in short, an individual will see a premium car at an affordable rate. My first impression of this car is appreciable. This powerful car comes with a 1352-1497 cc engine and is famous for numerous reasons. One of the main reasons behind the success of this car is its HUD display, which offers safe driving by reducing the movement of the driver’s line of sight. This car comes in turbo-petrol, petrol, and diesel version, and riders can also choose an option from average, sports, and eco modes. It is claimed to be one of the best family cars that comes at an affordable rate. 

Kia seltos variations

This fantastic car comes in 19 different variants 

  • HTK Plus
  • iMT D
  • HTX AT D
  • X-Line DCT
  • X-Line AT D
  • HTK Plus iMT
  • GTX Plus AT D
  • GTX Plus DCT
  • GTX Plus
  • HTE
  • HTK
  • HTK Plus
  • HTX
  • HTX D
  • GTX Option
  • HTE D
  • HTK D
  • HTK Plus D
  • HTX Plus D

Among all these cars, the cheapest Kia Seltos is the HTE G, which comes at a price range of 10.70 lakhs, whereas the costliest variation is the X-line ATD, which comes at 19.15 lakhs. All the cars offer great interior, and exterior features, all of which serve different purposes. One should choose a car that suits their requirements the best.

Kia Seltos Exterior design

For the one who doesn’t know, one big reason behind people choosing this car is its exterior look. People are going to experience a unique and classy look that is going to mesmerize every car lover. If you need more knowledge about the car, this article is appropriate for you as it carries all the relevant information. 

Exterior Colors

Kia seltos are available in 12 elegant colours that perfectly match your personality. Some colours include Glacier white pearl, intense red, punchy orange, Aurora black pearl, gravity grey, imperial blue, sparkling silver, matte graphite, clear white, etc. Gravity grey is the bestselling product among all these colours, and people also prefer sparkling silver and clear white. All the colours are unique and are a perfect choice for your mini-SUV.

Exterior Design

The amazing design and pattern make it the best choice for users. The pattern of the car is not common in any other car, and people of any age can get this car. The car offers LED headlights for better visibility, and all bonnets give a unique look. This car comes with an R16 wheel and full cover, and one will see skid plates on both the front and rear. Adjustable side mirrors in the vehicle also serve as a side turn indicator feature. You will see a touch of black colour on the door garnish, giving it a unique and elegant look. At the front of the car, projector headlamps are provided to reduce the chances of accidents, and one is going to see halogen tail lamps. One can modify them if needed.

Projector Headlamps

The Kia Seltos is also attached with an illuminating headlight with the touch of an LED projector. To offer a more elegant and classier look to this small SUV, the LED lights are attached at the front of the car and are very useful. In addition, they are perfect for reducing accidents. The lamps can work as an indicator, suggesting whether there is something in front of the car or not. In short, the lighting is set up in a fantastic way and makes the car more attractive as the possibility of any accidents is very little. The driver can also use the front and fog lamp feature to make driving hassle-free and easy. 

Door System

One of the main reasons behind this car’s success is its exterior look. Doors are made of high-quality material and are fully automatic. Along with all the benefits, these doors also have jam protection to offer passengers safe while driving. One can also get to see the automatic locking system inside the car. 


Another reason why people prefer this car over various other cars is that it offers a sunroof at an aggressive rate. The sunroof is commonly seen on premium cars. But Kia Seltos is the first car brand to offer a sunroof at such a cheap rate. Manufacturers claim that the mechanism is also very smooth, and one will be able to understand the process quickly. 

Tail Stop Lamp

The back side of the hatchback is styled with a unique LED tail lamp. An interesting fact about this car is that it alerts the vehicles standing next to you. 

Kia Seltos Interior Design

The interior design of the new Kia Seltos is worth your attention and effort. This car’s components and consoles are created using unique creation and design skills. One won’t be able to find any reason for not purchasing this car for yourself. This car has everything that an individual looks for in their car. Before we start with brief information, let’s discuss the features of this car in detail.

The new Kia Seltos is developed with an intelligent stream third-generation BS-VI engine. One diesel engine and two petrol engines are available for those who need to learn the powertrain facilities. one of the petrol engines consists of a 1.4 litre T- GDI turbo charge unit. In contrast, the other one consists of a 1.5-litre natural engine. Many people must be aware that a 1.5-litre engine throws out 144 nm and 115hp and comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox. On the other hand, the 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine offers 242Nm and 140 Hp, and it also comes with a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed automatic gearbox. Kia seltos offers three driving modes: sports, eco, and normal. One can also switch to terrain modes If one wants to drive in sand, wet, or mud areas.

Screen Touch Display Audio

Kia Seltos offers an audio system that meets all the requirements. This car comes with a touchscreen audio system and allows one to pair with BT, USB, Android, iOS, etc. With all the features, one can be sure about the fact that they are going to experience outstanding connectivity and music experience while driving.

Air Conditioner

One issue that every individual faces is that the car’s ac starts malfunctioning just after days of using it. One of the main reasons why people prefer choosing this car over other cars is because of the automatic ac system. The excellent ac system helps the team maintain a suitable temperature throughout the ride without wasting much fuel. 

Heat Rejection Glass

The window of the new Kia Seltos comes with strong and rejection glass so that people sitting in the car don’t have to suffer in the summer. This feature makes this car the best vehicle for travelling during hot weather. 

Amazing Seating

Experts claim that one reason why people are purchasing this car is because of its high-quality seats. All the seats are made of suitable fabrics and come with height adjustment features. Moreover, all the seats come with a mat finish and offer a great comfortable ride. If comfort is your top priority, this car is perfect, and the driver can enjoy the ride without any issues. 

Power Steering

The kia seltos offers excellent power steering with variable flow control to ensure that every driver can ride the car smoothly. It also offers parking-assisted features, and it comes with a back monitor and front and rear sensors to help you park your car in the best possible way. 

Glove Box and Utility

The kia seltos comes with excellent utility space in the interior. One can store various things inside that box to keep the item chilled, and no involvement of risk is seen in the process.

Kia Seltos Safety Features

The new Kia Seltos is breaking all the bars as people love all the features this car brand offers. Along with all the features, people also love the safety measures taken by this car to offer protection to all the riders. Kia India claimed that all the variants of this car are going to have six airbags, and they are also going to have disc brakes on every wheel. Though it is also true that one can notice a rise in the cost of the car, the safety measures added to this car are worth it. 

This car also offers passive standard safety features such as ESC, VSM, a Tyre pressure monitoring system, a rear parking sensor, etc. This car is concerned about offering additional safety measures to the clients so that one can drive this smoothly without any casualties. Moreover, a few research also claims that a person having an accident is also going to face less injury as the safety measures are set up in that way. 

This car’s other safety features include ABS, a 360-degree camera, and ISOFIX child seat anchorages. Moreover, this mini-SUV also contains features like a 10.25-inch touchscreen with ambient lighting, Bose sound system, a head-up display, an electric sunroof, smartwatch connectivity, etc. The report claims that this SUV is giving tough competition to various other car brands such as Toyota Urban Cruiser, Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, etc. We have discussed all the safety features in detail; if you are the one who needs more knowledge, then this article is for you. 


One of the best things about this car is that one is going to get six airbags with this car. Driver airbag, knee airbag, passenger airbag, knee airbag in the driver’s seat, and the side airbag in the driver’s seat. Apart from it, the airbags are extra protective to offer additional safety to the passenger and driver.

Pre-Collision System

This is one of the most effective ways to detect vehicles on the road, especially during fog, heavy rainfall, etc. Thus PCS system offered by this brand is really impressive. It can easily detect the presence of anything on the road with the help of the camera sensor and millimetre wave. If the system notices that is going to be a collision, the system will send an immediate warning to the operator so the operator can take quick action. The brake pressure of the car will increase automatically, and thus one can easily avoid an accident.

Back Monitor

We are all aware of the importance of parking assistance; for the one who doesn’t know, one can experience hassle-free driving with the help of the back monitor. The Kia seltos offers a smooth reversing operation when you proceed further with parking for a proper 90-degree angle. Moreover, it also ensures smooth and safe parking. One can also see the cars standing after your car with the help of the rear camera offered to you by the vehicle. 

Front and Rear Fog Lamps

The New Kia seltos has tried its best to offer every safety measure that can benefit the driver. The front and rear fog lamps focus on helping the driver drive safely by having a better view of the road at any temperature. These LED lights can be very beneficial for the driver while taking turns. 

Projector Headlamps

Manufacturers have worked hard on making the car; they have added every small thing that can protect an individual from getting involved in an accident. These projector headlamps turn on automatically in dark places to ensure a safe ride for the driver. These lights can help drivers get a clear vision of the road to avoid accidents and collisions.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

This is an important feature that every car needs to have to maintain a safe ride on unsafe roads. With the help of these features, one can grab the direction from any corner by keeping proper control of the engine power and braking system. This system can help a driver maintain a proper balance on wet surfaces. 

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

You may get to see this feature in various cars. For the one who doesn’t know, with the help of this feature, one can minimize the rolling back. The process is controlled by the car itself; it focuses on the brake and maintains a certain pressure when the driver switches to the accelerator.

Engine Specifications & Performance

If you are the one whose plans are to gather information about how the car is going to perform in the long run, it is essential to keep an eye on the engine specifications. Keeping track of the engine specification is necessary to say how the car will perform in the long run. The new Kia Seltos comes with all the latest tools and features to capture the market. Moreover, it has an intelligent engine that offers impressive performance for long and short drives. It is suitable for all types of rides. 


The engine of the new Kia Seltos includes a 1.4 and 1.5 l petrol and 1.5l diesel engine. It offers a mileage of more than 20km. One can notice additional power after choosing the 1.5l petrol engine. Moreover, it is a 5-seater car and has four cylinders. It is available with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Driving Modes

Another attractive thing about this car brand is its various driving modes. In simple words, a person will experience different types of driving in the same car. As per your choice, one can choose from normal, eco, and sports mode. Manufacturers claim that the Eco driving mode is the best way to save fuel and is the ideal mode for going for a long drive. During the sports mode, the engine runs at its top speed to offer the best performance, and one will experience a different version of the same car when switching to sports mode. Experts claim that fuel consumption is way too high in the case of sports mode. One can switch modes depending on their need and requirement. 

Horsepower and Torque

We all know that the engine offered by Kia Seltos is very powerful compared to other engines. Manufacturers claim that the maximum torque for 1.4l is 242Nm and 1.5l is 144Mn. It takes 9.7 for a 1.4l engine to reach from 0-100, whereas it takes 11.8 sec to reach 0-100 for 1.5l. one can visit the official website to compare all three types of engines. 


We all know that suspension is one of the essential elements of any car or bike. If a car doesn’t have a good suspension, it will never be able to perform well. One doesn’t need to worry about the suspension offered by Kia Seltos as all the car parts and suspensions offered by this car brand are A1. Nothing about this car will disappoint you; one can count thousands of reasons why an individual should purchase this car. One is going to have a great and comfortable ride. 

Pros and Cons of Kia Seltos

Everyone is aware that every good thing has a negative side; it doesn’t matter whether it’s an electronic gadget or a car. Similarly, this car also has a few negative points to it. If you do not know enough about this car, this article is perfect for you, as you can gather relevant information about this car.


  • The car is still trending in the market, and all the features offered by this car are unique, and no other car brand can give such features at a lower price.
  • A well-maintained car with all the latest tools and features. Moreover, it also has a sunroof and provides a premium driving experience. 
  • Premium-looking car with all unique features. It can be considered a mini-SUV.
  • One can get to see various modes, and one can choose any mode depending on their need and mood. 
  • It includes all the safety measures that can offer you a safe and healthy ride. 
  • This car is available in various models. Moreover, it is available in both diesel and petrol. 
  • Safety kit includes 360-degree camera, parking sensor, Bose sound system, cabin air purifier, etc.
  • Kia seltos offers various impressive kits such as premium seats, different modes, and one can switch to a different mode without stopping the car, electric rooftops, premium glasses, etc. In short, the chances of occurrence of any unsafe event are next to impossible. 
  • Consider purchasing 2nd hand seltos from the brand itself, and all of them are in good condition, ensuring risk-free purchase. One can connect to the customer support team if facing any product-related issue. 


  • Nowadays, it is seen that the price of the Kia Seltos has increased due to its unique features, popularity, and good reputation. 
  • Though this car claims that the chances of occurrence of unsafe events are significantly less, it still failed to get more than three stars in the GNCAP. 
  • Manufacturers claim the suspension is outstanding, but people can experience uncomfortable rides on bad roads. 
  • This car may have outstanding features, but some people find that it doesn’t have that spark.
  • The carmaker says it is a 5-seater car, but three adults can make the ride uncomfortable, so prefer two adults and a kid to make your ride safe. 
  • Various owners have come with the complaint of niggles in their cars. 
  • Various professionals claim that one can get to better 2nd SUV at the same price. So, if you plan to take an SUV, experts suggest you purchase a 2nd hand SUV.

Kia Seltos Competitors

Every car brand and model has a competitor. Similarly, people also do compete with this car brand. Due to the specifications offered by this brand, people used to think that no one could compete with this brand, which was the main reason behind the success of this brand. Kia Seltos is a 5-seater car with four cylinders and various combinations. If you are too choosy when selecting a colour, you might love this brand as it offers 12 different colours. Various people also claim that the Kia Seltos has increased the popularity of the Kia Sonet and other models of this car. 

A few big competitors of this car include Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, Skoda Kushaq, MG Astor, Hyundai Creta, etc. All these cars also offer similar features and come in the same price range. One thing about Kia Seltos that is different from all these cars is that it has an electric sunroof, which most other cars don’t. 

There are many reasons one should choose Kia Seltos over other car brands. One of the best features is the way the car looks. Moreover, this car has some safety features that may not be common with other brands. Moreover, this car offers three different modes, and one can use the entire engine’s power by switching to sports mode. This 5-seater small SUV is powerful and perfect for various purposes. 

Various professionals claim that people should consider purchasing a better and bigger SUV for the same price. This car’s biggest competitor is the bigger 2nd hand SUV. Though this company offers numerous features, various professionals claim that this car cannot offer all the features. This car hasn’t yet received five stars in the crash test, so there is a high chance that one can get into unsafe events. 

As we all know, every electronic gadget has both negative and positive effects. So, it is evident that the car will also have a few adverse effects. If you are looking for a mini-SUV, no one can offer you such a great car at such a low price. This car comes with both diesel and petrol, and one can choose depending on their need and requirement. Moreover, this car has a lot to offer to its clients. 

According to a recent report, it has been seen that people love the design of this car and are attached to the features they offer. One is also going to experience the fact that this company is offering seats of premium quality. In simple words, this car can be the perfect choice for your family.


Everyone wants to purchase a car as everyone loves having a car as it is beneficial and it has various uses. But the main problem arises when people have to choose a car for themselves. It is one of the most challenging jobs to pursue as people find it very difficult to choose a car. Today in this article, we will discuss the new Kia Seltos. We have all heard about this car as it is breaking all the bars, and people are choosing this car over many other brands. This Korean brand car is performing very well in the global market because of the specifications offered by this brand. If you are planning to purchase a car for your family’s use, then Kia Seltos is the perfect option for your family. 

It is a five-seater SUV car known for offering comfortable and safe rides. If you need more knowledge about the car’s specifications, you can go through this article, as mentioned above. People find it very difficult to get a car with the same features at such a price as the features offered by Kia Seltos are worth more than it costs. This car is perfect for long and short rides, so choosing this car will benefit you in the long run.


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This car is perfect for planning a long drive with friends and family. Professionals claim this car is flourishing at offering a comfortable and safe ride. Moreover, one can also go through the safety measures taken by this brand to get assurance.
People claim it to be a mini-SUV as it is a 5-seater car. Manufacturers claim that the ride can be uncomfortable if three adults plan to sit at the back. Prefer taking two adults and a child at the back to go for a safe and comfortable ride.
Kia Seltos comes in 12 different colours; one can choose depending on their personality. Some colours include intense red, aurora black pearl, Glacier white pearl, imperial blue, etc. Gravity grey is the bestselling product among all these colours, and people also prefer sparkling silver and clear white. All the colours are unique and are a perfect choice for your mini-SUV.
This car offers 6 six airbags and all the safety features that a car needs to have so that its users can have a safe ride. A few passive standard safety features include ESC, VSM, a Tyre pressure monitoring system, a rear parking sensor, etc.
Yes, Kia Seltos have a sunroof which makes it unique and different from other cars in the same category.
This car offers two types of petrol engine and one type of diesel engine, and one can choose depending on their need and requirement.
Yes, this car can be taken to any uneven road or place. With the help of the hill starts assistance control, one can easily ride the hill without any casualties.
Yes, this car successfully satisfies all the users' needs. In addition, this car offers a few unique features that attract new users to purchase it.
This car started gaining popularity just after its launch due to its latest specifications, various car modes, and safety measures. This car is ideal for people of all ages, and one can style it with their personality.

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