Maruti Suzuki S Presso Overview

Today’s generation is highly obsessed with everything about cars! And when it comes to hatchbacks, there is no looking back at all! More than others, hatchbacks have become the “next big thing” In the Indian car space! Beginners in this industry are gravitating more toward this new-generation model. This timelessly classic vehicle has not only amazed the novice, but pro car lovers and enthusiasts are also going gaga over this gorgeous property! Above all, while other models such as Sedans look luxurious, they can really give a hard time to the driver in a congested and busy road. But, with hatchbacks, it is smooth everywhere you go! 

With inflation hitting the country like a Tsunami, it becomes difficult for many to get their hands on a luxurious car! And giant carmakers like the Indo-Japanese Maruti Suzuki realised this void in the automotive industry, and since then, there has been no looking back for them. The Maruti Suzuki has since then been associated with making affordable yet premium hatchbacks keeping the Indian customer base in mind. And there is no reason to reject the fact that all were instant hits, not only in the Indian market but also around the globe. The popularity of hatchbacks has never experienced a fall since then, and market experts are of the view that their popularity will continue to rise further in the coming years. 

Business is all about fulfilling the demands of the consumers! In order to succeed in any venture, be it the automotive industry or the next-generation gadgets, it is important to understand the needs and wants of your consumers. And this is exactly what the Maruti Suzuki did in the 80s! They realised the gap in the Indian car industry and produced an affordable line of hatchbacks! Their produced product spread like wildfire among Indian consumers, and within a few years, hatchbacks were everywhere! And since then, Maruti Suzuki has become the No. 1 industry to produce hatchbacks at a cheap price. 

The Maruti Suzuki S Presso, one of the best hatchback models of the Indo-Japanese car giant, is the best in class among its contemporaries! With top-notch technology and premium styling features, the Maruti Suzuki S Presso exudes class and elegance. If standing out from the crowd is your personality, this timelessly gorgeous Maruti Suzuki S Presso should be your first pick! 

Maruti Suzuki S Presso Variants

Powered by advanced technological features and coupled with exclusive style elements, the hatchback line of Maruti Suzuki-the Maruti Suzuki S Presso is offered in eight variants- LXI CNG, VXI CNG, STD, Lxi, VXI, VXi Plus, VXi Opt AT, VXi Plus Opt AT. This series of hatchback models are available in different transmission versions, such as the petrol version, the CNG version and an automatic version for the tech pros! 

The cheapest in line is the base model-S-Presso STD which costs Rs.4.25 lakhs. The costliest price tag is associated with S-Presso VXI CNG, which starts from Rs.6.10 lakhs! Among its family members, the best selling is the S-Presso VXI which costs Rs.5.15 lakhs, with a petrol transmission! 

Available Colours

The Maruti Suzuki S Presso is available in six vibrant colour options, namely, Solid Fire Red, Solid Sizzle Orange, Pearl Starry Blue, Metallic Granite Grey, Metallic Silky Silver, and Solid White.

Maruti Suzuki S Presso Exterior Design And Details

The popularity of hatchbacks has been no surprise to anyone in recent times! With sturdy designs and top-notch technology, the hatchbacks have become everyone’s favourite! Preferred for its performance and value-for-money approach, the hatchback line of Maruti Suzuki is designed with premium style elements to attract everyone’s eye! The exclusive exteriors with careful detailing coupled with beautiful accents make this automobile worth every penny. 

● Wheels

To tap into the popularity of SUVs along with retaining its own uniqueness, the Maruti Suzuki has designed its very own hatchback model-the Maruti Suzuki S Presso. One of its kind automobiles is designed with striking alloy wheels to give a refreshed look to the exterior design! With a modification in wheel dimensions, the Maruti Suzuki S Presso provides a smooth driving experience to the user. 

Furthermore, radial tyres have been used to upgrade the overall performance of the car. With radial tyres comes excellent spinning, which ultimately provides a way for smoother driving on the road. Tubeless tyres have also been used to aid in long-distance travel! In addition, an impressive 180mm ground clearance comes free with the Maruti Suzuki S Presso. Starting from its very first launch, the Maruti 800, to its latest production, the Maruti Suzuki S Presso, the giant carmaker, had made many changes to reach more and more masses! Industry experts and market analysts report that their popularity will never cease to decline; instead, one can see more and more of Maruti Suzukis’ in the coming decades! 

● Headlamps

When talking about the exterior style elements of the Maruti Suzuki S Presso, the twin chambered headlamps need a special mention! Although it is saddening to see that LED headlights have not been used, it is still a value-for-money possession for suburban families who cannot spend crores to own a four-wheeler! Although the twin chamber headlamps do not give illumination like that of an LED-powered headlight, they still do their best job when it comes to penetrating through the darkness. 

● Tail Lamps

The Maruti Suzuki S Presso has got a refreshed look with its exclusively C Shaped tail lights. The signature C Shaped tail lights not only add up to the safety features on the road but also screams its uniqueness and bold design. 

● Front Fascia

The timelessly classic SUV-inspired bold front fascia was added to the Maruti Suzuki S Presso to add an extra hint of sportiness. The bold and unique front fascia design has increased the overall glam quotient of the hatchback model. The black and silver colour theme is opted for the front fascia, giving it a classic look of all time! 

● Bumpers

The Maruti Suzuki has never failed to amaze its customers, and this time too, they proved their excellence with the Maruti Suzuki S Presso. The Maruti Suzuki S Presso now comes with body-coloured bumpers for an added level of protection. They not only act as shock absorbers but also protect your property from accidents and subsequent destruction. The LED DRLs used in the bumper added that extra youthfulness to the overall look of the car! Now every day is a stress-free drive with the new Maruti Suzuki S Presso! 

● Side Body Cladding

To enhance the further protection of the automotive, the manufacturers have also included the side body cladding along with bumpers! The side body cladding of the Maruti Suzuki S Presso protects the main body design of the car from crashes or other potential accidents! Now, you can drive safely without having to worry about your car getting exterior damage! 

Maruti Suzuki S Presso Interior Style Elements

Keeping in synchronicity with the exterior design of the Maruti Suzuki S Presso, the interiors have also been designed in a plush setting to enhance the overall look of the car. The exclusive design, accompanied by careful detailing, has made it a super hit among car lovers around the world. 

● Dashboard

When it comes to the designing of the dashboard, the manufacturers have failed to do a great job here! Although the rugged dashboard design added to the touchscreen infotainment system adds that warmth to the interiors, that’s about it! The instrument cluster placed at the centre makes the dashboard of the driver’s side look flat and unwelcoming! But what makes it stand out is the exclusive body-coloured inserts which add a lot of interest to the interior styling! 

● Upholstery

To tune into the timelessly classic design of the interiors, the manufacturers have used dual-toned upholstery in their new launch. The dual-toned upholstery features not only a gradient shift in the colour but also exudes vibrancy and grace! 

● Steering

All the versions of the Maruti Suzuki S Presso come with gorgeous power steering, which provides a smooth and comfortable drive! The updated steering wheel of the all-new Maruti Suzuki S Presso is a lot better than its former design! The steering has audio and voice controls directly built into it, which has made it insanely popular among car lovers! 

● Bigger Cabin Space

The Indo-Japanese car giant has aced their car game with their newest production-the Maruti Suzuki S Presso. Unlike its forefather, the all-new Maruti Suzuki S Presso offers more cabin space! Besides the driver seat, the passenger seats and backseats have also been modified to provide a larger Leg space for a comfortable sitting option! 

● Automatic Gear Shift Technology

The new generation Maruti Suzuki S Presso, although not strikingly different from its former, what makes it remarkable is its uniquely designed interiors! The new addition to the house of Maruti Suzuki comes up with Automatic Gear Shift (ABS) technology, which is surely going to be a huge sensation among hatchback fans! 

● Air Conditioning System With Heater

In addition to everything luxurious, the refreshed version of the Maruti Suzuki S Presso now comes with an air conditioning system, along with a heater to provide internal temperature control in one go! 

● Cup Holders

 Going with the “everything organised “trend, the all-new Maruti Suzuki S Presso now comes with elegant cup holders to keep your cups neatly in one place in an organised manner! 

● Airbags

The manufacturers have not compromised even a little when it comes to safety measures. The new generation Maruti Suzuki S Presso is designed with safety airbags to provide a safe drive. Both driver and passenger airbags can be seen inside the automobile, which is quite a lot for a small car! 

● Boot Space

The boot space of the all-new Maruti Suzuki S Presso is 240 litres which is a lot of space to fit luggage! The rear seat backrest is also foldable, giving more space to load in more luggage! 

Additional Features

  • If we leave the sturdy exterior and classic interior design, another specification that catches our eye is their new SmartPlay Studio.
  • The new Dynamic Center Console, when paired with their new generation Infotainment system, exudes luxury and boujee aesthetics! 
  • The new SmartPlay studio not only lets the user play music inside but also allows for tuning into FM radio, call managing, and connecting with Suzuki’s integrated services. 
  • Furthermore, rear parking sensors, internally adjustable ORVMs, dual-toned headrests, remote Keyless Entry, and front Power Windows have added to the essential facelift of the new generation model! 

Safety Specifications

The new Maruti Suzuki S Presso comes well equipped with different safety specifications to provide for a comfortable yet safe drive. Let us take a quick look at the different safety measures which come with the Maruti Suzuki S Presso. 

● Airbags

When we talk about a safe drive, the versatility of airbags cannot be ignored! All the different models of the Maruti Suzuki S Presso, starting from the very basic base model Maruti Suzuki S Presso Std to the costliest VXi S-CNG, offer safety airbags to protect the users in an emergency! The automotive offers both passenger and driver airbag options for all-around safety! 

● Anti Theft Engine Immobilizer

The Maruti Suzuki S Presso is also equipped with an anti-theft engine immobiliser which provides excellent protection against vehicle theft. 

● Child Lock

To protect your kids from opening the doors when they are unlatched, the manufacturers of Maruti Suzuki S Presso have installed the child locking feature to enhance the safety feature. 

● Speed Sensing Door Lock

Remember the days when we actually had to use a key to lock our car door? Well, we have upgraded to speed sensing door lock now which can automatically lock your car door for you! And with its new launch, the Maruti Suzuki has hopped on this trend yet again! 

Engine Specifications And Performance

● Engine Specifications

The next generation Maruti Suzuki S Presso now comes with both petrol and CNG transmission engines! The customers can choose from the above options according to their choice! Coming to the engine specifications, the petrol engine offers 998 CC. On the contrary, its sibling, the CNG engine, comes with 998 CC. Want something more? The automobile comes with both automatic and manual transmissions! 

The Maruti Suzuki S Presso offers a mileage of 21.4 kmpl to 32.73 km/kg. This hatchback model generates a maximum power of 55.92bhp@5500rpm coupled with a maximum torque of 82.1Nm@3400rpm.

With a seating capacity of 5, this new series of mini SUVs measures 3565 mm in length and 1520 mm in width with a wheelbase of 2380 mm. 

● Performance

The new Maruti Suzuki S Presso generates greater power coupled with greater torque which also means greater speed and fast acceleration. Additionally, the higher torque offers better load capacity and initial acceleration. Also, the Maruti Suzuki has aced its performance with their latest launch! 

The mileage is better when compared to its previous version. Thus, if you wish to own a decent performing car at an affordable price, you should get the Maruti Suzuki S Presso for yourself without any second thoughts! No doubt, this car will never fail you. 

Pros And Cons Of The Next Generation Maruti Suzuki S Presso

A lot has already been said about the SUV-inspired new hatchback model of the Maruti Suzuki! But is it right to call it a mini SUV, given its subpar design? Does it really cater to entry-level buyers? Let us take a brief look at the different pros and cons of this new hatchback model from Maruti Suzuki. 

The Pros

  • Spacious cabin
  • Large storage area
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Impressive ground clearance
  • Excellent performance
  • Sturdy look
  • Promising safety features
  • Affordable
  • Technologically advanced

The Cons

  • Subpar design
  • Missing features
  • Subpar driving dynamics
  • Stiff suspension

Potential Competitors In The Market

The newest launch of the Maruti Suzuki has become a strong rival to other automobiles in the Indian car space. Competing against the Renault Kwid and Datsun Redi-Go, this hatchback model is claimed to outshine its rivals on many fronts! Don’t be surprised if you find the new launch of the Maruti Suzuki taking away the market share of the Renault Kwid and Datsun Redi-Go! 

1. Renault Kwid

The closest and strongest rival of the Maruti Suzuki S Presso has to be the Renault Kwid which also enjoys a huge customer base in the Indian market. Talking about the specifications, the Renault Kwid measures 3,679 mm in length, which is about 14 mm more than the Maruti Suzuki S Presso! 

But, if you look into the wheels, the latter outshines the Kwid in terms of measurement, as the Maruti Suzuki S Presso comes with 14-inch wheels! But, looking at the price point, the Maruti Suzuki S Presso is cheaper when compared to the Renault Kwid. While the latter starts from Rs. 4.64 Lakh, the base model of the former costs Rs. 4.25 Lakh. 

2. Datsun Redi-Go

When it comes to Datsun Redi-Go, it provides cutthroat competition to the Maruti Suzuki S Presso in terms of design and engine specifications. Talking about the engine specifications, both the models share almost the same engine specifications with 1.0L, 3-cylinder Petrol engines! But the Datsun Redi-Go snatches the limelight with its bigger infotainment system, LED DRLs, tinted glass etc.! 

But, if you look into the measurements, the Maruti Suzuki S Presso takes the lead here with its dimensions, along with the boot space! Thus, if you are looking for a more practical automobile at an affordable price, you can go for the Maruti Suzuki S Presso, but again it is not something to obsess over! If you want a better possession with well-equipped features, the Datsun Redi-Go should be your pick to drive home this year! 


No matter the pros and cons of the Maruti Suzuki S Presso, it is needless to say that the Indo-Japanese carmaker had really brought something different this time to the table! Although this might not be for everyone, if you are looking for a decent hatchback at a pocket-friendly price, this should be your sign to go with the Maruti Suzuki S Presso! 


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The Maruti Suzuki S Presso, with its facelift, is here again for us to offer something new! With its modern technological advancement paired with premium looks, the new hatchback model of the Maruti Suzuki is sure to catch everyone's eye! From its 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system to safety measures to aesthetically pleasing exteriors, it caters to it all! Also, the price point cannot be overlooked! For the price you pay, the new generation hatchback model-the Maruti Suzuki S Presso delivers more than what is expected! Thus, if you are able to overlook a few of its cons, such as subpar looks and not-so-spacious cabins, this might be a good buy for you!
With its new line-up in the hatchback series, the Maruti Suzuki has yet again amazed its buyers! The new launch from the house of Maruti Suzuki offers a 5-seater hatchback model, which is a perfect choice for a family car.
When it comes to safety measures, the inclusion of airbags always tops the list! And Maruti Suzuki S Presso is no exception to those rules! The all-new Maruti Suzuki S Presso comes with two different airbag options – the driver airbag and the passenger airbag to enhance overall safety.
The Maruti Suzuki S Presso is equipped with different advanced technological features! The anti-lock braking system is installed in the new hatchback series of the Maruti Suzuki to offer all-around protection.
The Maruti Suzuki S Presso comes with Android Auto and Apple Carplay in association with the large infotainment system. Now you can tune into uninterrupted entertainment during your drive!
The Maruti Suzuki S Presso offers both petrol and CNG transmission engines.
There are a total of three cylinders available with the all-new Maruti Suzuki S Presso.
With all its pros come the cons of those hatchback models. Poor engine performance, weird looking interiors with poorly designed elements might not cut it all for many! Thus, if you wish to spend a little extra with your car, you can get much better in this price range! We would suggest you check Datsun Redi-Go or Renault Kwid for an overall better experience!

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