Tata Altroz Overview

With the perfect integration of technology, safety, and design, Tata Altroz by Tata Motors is ranked as the safest hatchback sector Car in India. The car is available in Diesel and Petrol variants with a variety of choices.

You can avail of a 1.2litre NA petrol engine, a 1.2litre turbo petrol engine, and a powerful 1.5litre diesel engine vehicle as per your comfort. Tata Altroz is available for us with a better safety rating, exclusive features, and intelligent technology.

The BS6 petrol and diesel engine can deliver incredible power and superior fuel efficiency. The vehicle is available in Auto transmission options for expanding the level of comfort and intelligent handling.

The 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic gearbox of the Tata Altroz hatchback can make your vehicle super fast. The Tata Altroz is a solid cruiser on the road with its outstanding build quality and robust cabin.

The Premium hatchback is fitted with dual-clutch automatic transmission mode for a cozy drive with exhilarating performance. The impressive external contours and intelligent interior features can impress you to a greater extent. 

The new Altroz will engage the viewers with a sporty look along with a stylish spoiler available.

Tata Altroz Variants:

Petrol Version:

  • Altroz XE
  • Altroz XE+
  • Altroz XM+
  • Altroz XT
  • Altroz XT DARK
  • Altroz XZ
  • Altroz XZ +
  • Altroz XM + DCA
  • Altroz XT DCA
  • Altroz XZ + DARK
  • Altroz XT DCA DARK
  • Altroz XZ DCA
  • Altroz XZ + DCA
  • Altroz XZ + DCA DARK

Diesel Variants:

  • Altroz XE+
  • Altroz XM+
  • Altroz XT
  • Altroz XT DARK
  • Altroz XZ
  • Altroz XZ+
  • Altroz XZ+ DARK

iTurbo Variants:

  • Altroz XT
  • Altroz XT DARK
  • Altroz XT (0)
  • Altroz XZ
  • Altroz XZ+
  • Altroz XZ+ DARK

Colour Variants:

Tata Altroz is available for us in 7 unique shades. These eye-catching colors can illuminate the exteriors of the hatchback vehicle. 

  • Cosmo Dark
  • High Street Gold
  • Opera Blue
  • Downtown Red
  • Arcade Gray
  • Avenue White
  • Harbour Blue

Tata Altroz Exterior Design

The exterior contours of the Tata Altroz are garnished with intelligent design and vivid shades. Let us have a glimpse of the innovative exterior features of the new Tata Altroz. 

Interior inspired with cockpit design:

The Tata Altroz has an intelligent cabin with superior features and abilities. The combinational handling choices are available in the Tata Altroz interior layouts.


The wide-open doors of Tata Altroz can offer you enough room to board your hatchback vehicle. The doors can be opened 90 degrees to provide easy access to the vehicle.

Head Lamps:

Tata Altroz can illuminate your ways with invalid headlamps. The dual chamber projector headlights are a better choice for creating crystal clear pathways for your long drives.


The 16-inch alloy wheel of the Tata Altroz can make your vehicle safe and steady. The alloy wheel can offer you dual-tone shades that can illuminate your visuals with beautiful colors.

Body Structure:

Tata Altroz is built over a strong structure that is enabled with ALFA ARC and energy-absorbing body structure. This innovative structure can ensure the ultimate security of the riders in all situations.

Fog Lamps:

Whatever may be the weather condition, your TATA Altroz will pave its way through any road with intelligent fog lamps. It can enhance your visibility even in poor weather conditions.

Daytime Running Lamp:

TATA Altroz will make its presence on the road more evident with an integrated front DRS lamp. The LED DRS may ornament your front view and also mark your availability on the road.

Tail Lamps:

The signature-designed tail lamp integrates with the rear bumper of your TATA Altroz to enhance the attractiveness of the rear portion of your vehicle. The split tail lamp is stylish, illuminating, and beneficial to warn other drivers.

Contrasting Roof:

The exterior ambiance of the hatchback vehicle is enhanced by the stylish and engaging design of the car. The dual-tinted outer shade of Tata Altroz is available with an intelligent black roof.

Integrated Spoiler:

Tata Altroz’s exterior is garnished for sports look with a stylish spoiler. The spoiler’s vivid contours can enhance your vehicle’s rear exterior ambiance.

Daylight Opening:

You may enjoy the ambiance of nature inside your vehicle chamber with A DOL. It allows daylight rays into your vehicle cabin to make it naturally illuminated. DOL can enhance the interior ambiance of your hatchback vehicle. 

Rain Sensing Wipers:

The intelligence of the Tata Altroz features is enhanced with a creative wiper system. Rain-sensing front wipers can operate on their sensing the rainfall. 

Interior Design

The interior layout can offer comfort to the passengers. Tata Altroz is crafted with creative interior elements and vivid patterns. 

Door Handles:

The entry and exit to your Tata Altroz are made quick with smart door levers. It has an attractive metallic finish that can add aura to your interiors. 


The dual tone of the dashboard matches the interior shades of the Tata Altroz. The panel has all utilities and gadgets mounted on it. The floating Island dashboard Is an eye-catchy intelligent decor for your interiors. The satin chrome finish of the dashboard can add ambiance to your vehicle.

Gear Lever:

The handy gear lever of Tata Altroz can make your gear shifting smooth. The lever is wrapped around with a leather cover to include a luxurious feel to it. 


The electrically adjustable ORVM of Tata Altroz is a masterpiece crafted with state of the art. The piano black outside mirror can enhance the exterior aesthetics of your vehicle. The chrome accent of the ORVM will add fabulous outlooks for your rearview mirror. 

Arm Rest:

Tata Altroz can make its passengers comfortable with a foldable armrest for front and rear seat passengers. The front-row armrest is made smart with inbuilt storage space.

Height Adjustable Seat belts:

Seat belts are an essential gadget for ensuring the safety of your passengers. All the TATA Altroz have height-adjustable seat belts, which can be comfortable and safe. Passengers of all types can use this seat belt with convenience. 

Xpress Cooling:

A smart cooling system aids the interior comfort of your Tata Altroz. The Xpress cooling choice of the vehicle can enable you to maintain your preferred temperature inside the cabin with ease. 

Safety Features

With a 5-star NCPA safety rating, Tata Altroz provides us with excellent safety features. All the aspects essential for a safe ride are incorporated into the vehicle design. 

Dual Airbags:

Tata Altroz will protect its front passengers from any impacts with the help of dual airbags.

ABS with BSC:

You need not worry about slippery roads and sharp turns as the Tata Altroz is crafted with an Anti-lock braking system. The ABS 9.3 version braking system can maintain vehicle stability in any situation. You can keep your vehicle on the track while braking with the aid of Brake Sway control.


Another utility to support ABS braking is electronic Brake force Distribution that can share the brake force evenly between the front and rear axles of the vehicle. This utility can help you in maintaining your vehicle on track.


The utility of the all-new TATA Altroz can help you in making perfect turns. Whatever the vehicle may be, corner stability control can assist you in your turning sequence on sharp and curvy turns. 

Reverse Parking Camera:

Parking cameras are always an intelligent and essential utility for all vehicles. TATA Altroz has a high-quality reverse parking camera that can offer you behind-the-wheel assistance. The camera view will be added with guidelines to make it easier to park in a crowded place. 


TATA Altroz has excellent safety features for both adults and children. Child passengers can enjoy travel comfort along with ultimate safety using a comfy and stylish ISO FIX.


The TATA Altroz vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system that can ensure that your tire is sufficient to run smoothly. Maintaining the correct tire pressure can enable us to enjoy better vehicle handling and economical fuel efficiency. 

Auto Park Lock:

This choice can secure a vehicle from theft. You can enable it to safeguard your TATA Altroz when it is parked. The TATA Altroz park mode can deduct any unnecessary movement around the vehicle and inform you when the park mode is turned on. 

Engine Spec and Performance

Tata Altroz is available in the market with three engine variants. 1.2L Revotron engine and 1.2L – Turbo engine for a petrol vehicle. 1.5L Turbocharged Revotroq engine for diesel fuel vehicles.

The claimed fuel efficiency is 18.53kmpl for the standard petrol engine and 18.13kmpl for the turbo petrol engine. However, diesel engines can save you money by offering a fuel efficiency of 23.03kmpl.

The three-cylinder engine is used in Tata Altroz petrol engine hatchbacks. The diesel variant of Tata Altroz is available with an efficient four-cylinder Revotorq engine.

Tata Altroz, with a 1.2L Revotron petrol engine, can deliver a maximum power of 86PS at 6000 rpm.

Tata Altroz, powered by a 1.2L Revotron turbo petrol engine, can produce 110PS power at 5500 rpm.

The 1.5L turbocharged Revotorq diesel vehicle can give 90PS power at 4000rpm.

The petrol engine standard and turbo version Tata Altroz can run with a maximum torque of 115NM at 3300rpm and 140NM at 1500rpm, respectively.

The diesel version of the vehicle can deliver 200NM of torque at the rate of 1250 – 3000 rpm.

Tata Altroz variants are equipped with two types of engine transmission systems. An intelligent 5-speed manual transmission for petrol models and an efficient 6-speed DCA transmission system for diesel variants.

The front independent MacPherson dual path strut with coil spring and rear twist beam with coil spring and shock absorber can make your vehicle pass through any potholes and rough roads with ease.

You can save more of your money by using the three different driving modes of the Tata Altroz. Eco mode can increase your fuel economy, city mode can make your cruise through busy city streets, and sports mode can assist you in driving through any terrain.

Good Things and Bad Things about Tata Altroz:

The iconic hatchback vehicle Tata Altroz has more beneficial aspects and few setbacks. Exploring the perks and drawbacks of the vehicle can help you in choosing the correct variant of the Tata Altroz.


  • Excellent exterior features
  • Superior safety options with a 5star rating
  • More boot space and leg space
  • Comprehensive highway mileage
  • Solid construction
  • Quality Harman 8 speaker audio system


  • No auto transmission variant is available
  • Lack of auto-dimming IRVM

Features of Tata Altroz:

  • Easy to use power steering for better handling 
  • Superior automatic climate control that can maintain interior comfort
  • Intelligent over-speed warning
  • Safer Anchor Point for child
  • Superior Electronic braking safety stability assistance
  • Safe engine immobilizer
  • Secured speed-sensing door
  • Supreme cabin boot access
  • Tilt-able handy steering
  • Adjustable front-row seats with tilting options
  • Attractive dual-tone interiors
  • Eye-catch body coloured bumpers
  • Halogen front and rear lights with cabin lamps
  • Capability to adjust headlight height

Tata Altroz Competitors:

Tata Altroz is available in the market with a cluster of intelligent features and efficient abilities. Hyundai Elite i20, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, the Hyundai Jazz, and Toyota Glanza are the potential competitors of the Tata Altroz hatchback vehicle. 

The exterior contours are similar to all hatchback sector vehicles. A front fog lamp, rear wiper, and stylish alloy wheels are available in all competitors of Tata Altroz. Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Glanza are available with illuminating bright LED lights. Standing distinct in the sector, Tata Altroz is equipped with superior projector lamps at the front. The halogen lights can enable the driver to have a clear view of the road. 

Tata Altroz and its rivals are all having intelligent touchscreen systems embedded with Apple and Android compatibility. The Tata Altroz is well ahead of other competitors in interior aesthetics with its vivid lighting. The lighting can illuminate the central console and instrument cluster with engaging shades. While comparing all the competitors, only Altroz and Jazz hatchbacks have cruise control options. 

All the vehicles in the hatchback category have dual airbags, an Anti-lock braking system, and some more features as standard protocol. Tata Altroz has automatic headlamps with rain-sensing wipers, and this makes it unique in this class. The i20, Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Glanza are available with automatic headlamps but not automatic wipers. Both features are not available in Honda Jazz. 

Tata Altroz comes with petrol and diesel engines. A smooth 1.2L petrol engine and efficient 1.5L diesel engine power the Tata Hatchbacks. Honda Jazz, Toyota Glanza, and Suzuki Baleno produce variants with petrol engines alone. Hyundai i20 is available with petrol and diesel engines. 


If you are fond of sports design for your car, then Tata Altroz is the best available choice. Understanding the features of the intelligent hatchback can help you in choosing the opt variant for you. This brief will detail the A to Zs of the superior Tata Altroz variants. We reckon that these perceptions can enhance your technical understanding of the abilities of the all-new Tata Altroz. 


Image Source: “tatamotors.com”


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Tata Altroz is a blend of superior features and technology. A large ground clearance of 165mm will make it easy to drive the hatchback in any road condition.
 With the wide variants of Tata Altroz, the hatchback can satisfy user requirements with ease. The perfect blend of technology and aesthetic will make the vehicle very special. The price range for the feature incorporated in the Tata Altroz is affordable. 
Tata Altroz is a super compact and super mini hatchback car with addictive abilities and extensive features. It is not a Sports utility vehicle. However, the 165 mm ground clearance will make it suitable for driving on all terrains.
Tata Altroz is efficiently running with a 1.2L petrol engine. The superior petrol variant can accelerate to a maximum speed of 100kmpl in 12.52 seconds.
Tata Altroz has a length of 3990mm, and the hatchback is 1755mm wide and 1523mm tall. The Tata Altroz wheelbase is 2501mm, along with a comprehensive ground clearance of 165mm.
Most variants of Tata Altroz are available with an intelligent cruise control option. The feature controls the throttle with an actuator.
Tata Altroz petrol engine hatchback vehicle is powered by a 1.2L NA engine and 1.2L turbo engine. Both engines are 3-cylinder petrol engines with surplus power output.
Tata Altroz is well known for its safety features and fuel efficiency. The vehicle is equipped with a sufficient 37 literal fuel tank that can make your long journeys more accessible.
Tata Altroz can save your fuel with a comprehensive fuel efficiency of 18.53 kmpl for the petrol engine and 23.03 kmpl for the diesel engine.
Tata Altroz is a super compact hatchback vehicle with a large interior space sufficient enough to accommodate 5 passengers comfortably.

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