Tata Safari Overview

The Tata Safari is a mid-size SUV that Tata Motors, an Indian automaker, has been making since 1998. The first-generation Safari was created as a seven-seater SUV with a foldable third row and a big interior. On the market, it has established itself as a competitively priced alternative to other manufacturers of off-road vehicles. It was discontinued in December 2019.

In 2021, Safari was reintroduced. The second-generation Safari, unlike the original, is a front-wheel-drive, crossover SUV that is built on the Tata Harrier’s platform.

Tata Safari is a premium SUV category vehicle with superior abilities and attractive visual aesthetics. With Land Rover-inspired impact 2.0. design Tata Safari will offer you excellent exteriors and engaging interiors. The Luxury car offers excellent Comfort and ambience to passengers via superior technology and top-notch features.

The 7 Seater SUV is suitable to travel on all terrains. The 1956cc Powerful engine can boost you navigate through all types of road conditions. Choosing a transmission system for your car decides the riding Comfort. Tata Safari is managed with a manual and automatic transmission system.

With the dominant diesel engine of the SUV, you can feel the power and efficiency on your hand on all your rides. The 4-cylinder engine configuration of Tata Safari can produce sufficient power to make your rides luxurious. Wide interiors and large built is the better choice for enhancing the travel comfort of the passengers. The 6 Seater Tata SUV has comprehensive leg and backspace to accommodate 6 passengers comfortably. The three-row seat arrangement can offer ultimate ease of access to all passengers.

The Tata Safari is available in a comprehensive range of variants with exciting features. Each version of Tata Safari is distinct and has attractive features and abilities. The Tata Safari extracts a few of its features from the lavishing Land Rover design. Both Tata Safari and Tate Harrier are using this impact 2.0 design concept. Adventure, Jet and Kaziranga models of Tata Safari are available with unique interior and exterior attributes.

The Dark and Gold versions of Tata Safari are State-of-the-art masterpieces crafted with extreme aesthetics and ambience. The Granite Black leather upholstery and seats of the Tata Safari dark version can engage the riders with its bold impression. In the dark version of Tata Safari, everything is crafted with dark shades. The Oberon black exteriors, black stone alloy wheels, Black stone dashboard and interior elements can embellish your riding experience.

Enjoy an extreme tracking experience with the all-new Tata Safari untamed Kaziranga edition. The beige and black interiors, wood finish dark boards, and Benecke Kaliko leather upholstery of the Kaziranga version is engaging interior elements. The external appearance of the version was enhanced with an impressive black Rhino Mascot positioned wisely on the front fenders.

Now, you can recreate your vehicle design with an impressive gold variant. With appropriate gold patterns, Tata Safari can create an engaging outlook for you. Above all, you can beautify and tweak your Tata Safari by choosing different accessories. Chrome finishing, Side Steps, Bonnet Mascot, Swift plates, and many more accessories are there to choose from.

Tata Safari Variants

  • XM S
  • XMA S AT
  • XZ Plus Jet Edition
  • XZ Plus 6Str Jet Edition
  • XZA Plus Jet Edition AT
  • XZA Plus 6 Str Jet Edition AT
  • XZ Plus Kaziranga Edition
  • XZA Plus Kaziranga Edition AT
  • XZA Plus 6 Str Kaziranga Edition AT
  • XZ Plus Dark Edition
  • XZ Plus 6 Str Dark Edition
  • XZA Plus AT Dark Edition
  • XZ Plus Gold
  • XZ Plus Gold 6 Str
  • XZA Plus Gold AT
  • XZA Plus Gold 6 Str AT
  • XTA Plus
  • XTA Plus Dark Edition
  • XE
  • XM
  • XMA AT
  • XT
  • XT Plus
  • XT Plus Dark Edition
  • XZ
  • XZ Plus
  • XZ Plus 6 Str
  • XZA AT
  • XZ Plus Adventure Edition
  • XZ Plus 6Str Kaziranga Edition
  • XZ Plus 6 Str Adventure Edition
  • XZA Plus AT
  • XZA Plus 6 Str AT
  • XZA Plus Adventure Edition AT
  • XZA Plus 6 Str Adventure Edition AT
  • XZA Plus 6 Str AT Dark Edition

Colour Variants

The glorious look of your Tata Safari will be enhanced with vivid shades of colour choices. You can choose your Tate Safari colour choice given below:

  • Starlight
  • Grassland beige
  • Oberon Black
  • White Gold
  • Black Gold
  • Royal blue
  • Tropical Mist
  • Dayline Grey
  • Orcus white
  • Tropical Mist Adventure

Exterior Features

Tata Safari has some engaging exterior ambience to explore.

Front Grille:

The aesthetics of the front portion of any vehicle will have better visuals when it is garnished with a front grill. Being the Best-in-class SUV, Tata Safari is available with attractive chrome studded front grille with vivid patterns. The Shades of the front grille are augmented with a Tri-arrow motif coupled with a signature cut humanity line.

Roof Rails:

Roof rails are not only a luggage carrier. The Roof Rails’ design can also improve your vehicle’s external ambience. Considering this, the Tata Safari is equipped with Safari branding roof rails that can carry a load of 75 kg.

Head Lamps:

A Superior quality headlight can illuminate your roadways with vivid shades. The projector headlamps of the Tata Safari SUV are light-efficient. The Xenon HID lights are supported with LED DRLS to mark your presence on the road. You don’t need to worry about controlling your headlamps in your Tate Safari. It is smart, vivid and automatic.

LED Tail Lamps:

The rear aesthetics of your Tata Safari was improved with LED Tail lamps. The twin light LEDs are a state-of-the-art design suitable for ornamenting the rear shapes of your Tata Safari.


The Tata Safari SUV runs with engaging alloy wheels with a superior design. The R18 machined Alloy wheels of your Tata Suv vehicle can make your road Presence inevitable.

Panoramic Sunroof:

A glass roof on your car can entertain you with vivid, atmospheric views. The Tata Safari SUV has a Panoramic Sunroof that can open up a unique world to you.

Rain Sensing Wipers:

The front windshields of your Tata Safari SUV are made smart with rain-sensing wipers. Now you can get a clear view even on a rainy day with the aid of intelligent rain-sensing wipers.

Outer Mirrors

Now you can get a clear view of the rear side using the ORVM mirror available in your Tata Safari. To make it handy and intelligent, the outer mirror of your SUV can be controlled electrically with the ability to fold automatically.

Interior Features

Exploring the interior elements can help you to understand the level of Comfort you can obtain while opting for Tata Safari. Below given are some of the worthier interior features of the all-new Tata Safari SUV.


An attractive dashboard supports the visual aesthetics of your Tata Safari. With the ash wood shades and “Nappa” top layer, the Tata Safari dashboard can offer you engaging interiors. The soft-touch fabrics of the dashboard can enhance your usage comfort.

Interior Colors

You can make your car interior great by choosing vivid shades. White is a majestic colour pattern that can augment your vehicle interiors. Tata Safari can impress its riders with all-white cabin space. The Opulent Oyster white interior colours are a wise choice to offer a luxurious look.


Matching with the all-white interiors of Tata Safari, the upholstery is crafted with Benecko Kaliko leather material. The Oyster white patterns of the upholstery are a perfect match for the interiors.

Driver Seats

Now driving your Tata Safari SUV is made comfortable and handy. The adjustable pilot seats of the luxury car will enable the driver to stay relaxed while driving for a long time. The driver seats have more degrees of freedom, and you can adjust them in six distinct ways. The seat is held rigid with strong lumbar support.

3rd Row Seats

In most luxurious cars, the third-row seats will be with fewer comfort features. Tata Safari is an exception in this scenario. The 3rd-row seats of the all-new Tata Safari SUV are equipped with headrests, AC vents, charging ports, utility spaces, and many more features.

Utility Spaces

The Tata Safari SUV has some smart utility space for accommodating your items. Dedicated storage space is available for all three rows of seats.

Mood Lighting

This e interior lighting of Tata Safari can impress you with its ambience. Be sure enough to use it to enhance your travelling experience.

Steering Wheel

Tata Safari is equipped with an intelligent steering wheel for controlling your vehicle. The tiltable telescopic steering is adjustable as well as handy enough to offer you excellent Comfort and superior handling ability. The functionality of the steering wheel is enhanced with the mounted controls.

Automatic Climate Controls

The interior ambience of your vehicle depends on how smartly the temperature is maintained inside the cabin. With Tata Safari, you don’t need to bother about tweaking your climate control manually. The automatic climate control of the SUV will take care of it.

Cooled Storage and Spacious Glove Box

You may require to cool your essential food items during long journeys. The central cooled storage can keep your food items fresh. A comprehensive glove box is available to accommodate your laptop, tab, and mobile phones comfortably.

Engine Specification and Performance

Tata Safari is powered by a premium Kryotec 2.0L turbocharged engine. The efficient diesel engine of the SUV complies with the BS6 emission standards. The inline 4-cylinder diesel motor can deliver 125 KW power at 3750 rpm and 350Nm torque at the rate of 1750 to 2500 rpm. The extensive torque-generating ability of luxury cars makes them suitable for off-roading and all-terrain driving.

You can control the Tata Safari luxury car using a sporty steering wheel. The 6-speed manual and automatic transmission system of Tata Safari can offer better handling and excellent power output. Tata Safari SUV has a comprehensive dimension of 4661mm length, 1894 mm width and 1786mm height. It makes the vehicle strong and spacious enough to accommodate 6 passengers comfortably. The 2741 mm wide wheel base can allow you to travel in Comfort under any road conditions.

The independent lower wishbone McPherson Strut with coil spring and Anti-roll bar suspension will support the front axle of your Tata Safari. The rear suspension is supported with a semi-independent Twist blade with a Panhard rod and coil spring that can offer excellent travel comfort for you.

The Tata Safari is available in a variety of variants. By exploring the wide range of SUV variants, you may choose the ideal choice for you. The luxurious car can be acquired with a 6 and 7 passengers seating capacity.

With the 3rd-row seats folded, the Tata Safari can offer a wide boot space of 447 litres. A comprehensive 910 litres boot storage is possible when we close the second and third-row seats together.

The Tata Safari is available with a diesel engine that can be handled with manual and automatic transmission systems.

The diesel manual transmission Tata Safari can benefit you with a comprehensive fuel efficiency of 16.4 Km per litre. A beneficial 14.08 km per litre mileage is achievable with the Tata Safari AMT version.

Safety Features

The Tata Safari is famed for its exhilarating safety features. Prepare yourself to have a glimpse of the addictive safety features of the SUV.

Air Bags

The airbag is an essential feature for any SUV to ensure the safety of the passengers. Tata Safari secures all the passengers with 6 quality airbags. The driver, front row co-passenger, side seat, and curtain airbags can save the passengers from any impacts.

Disc Brakes

A quality braking system is an essential ability for all SUV sector vehicles. The Tata Safari can be controlled at any speed on any road with four superior disk brakes.

Hill Hold Control

Tata Safari will be an ideal choice if you plan your vacation trip to a hill station. Using the hill hold control, you can drive your Tata SUV with excellent control and ease. It can assist you in climbing any steep road without a backward roll.

Hill Descent Control

Now riding down from a hill station is made easy with the superior hill descent control of your Tata Safari. It can enable us to have good handling ability while driving through steep downward inclinations.


If you prefer to drive off-road with your Tata Safari, then maintaining proper tire pressure can safeguard your journey. Tata Safari can monitor your vehicle tyre pressure and help you maintain it within the optimal range.

Auto-Dimming Inside Rear View Mirror

Rearview mirrors can augment drivers with the rear side view. Sometimes the light from the following vehicles reflecting through the IRVM may spoil your cabin lighting and may block drivers’ sight. Tata Safari’s Auto-dimming inside rearview mirror can reduce the light intensity of the reflecting beam according to the cabin lighting.


Tata Safari is a safe vehicle for both adults and children. The SUV can help you secure the child seat with an ISOFIX anchor point.

Front Fog Lamps

Driving through a mist or fog-covered road is a challenge for all drivers. The Tata Safari can illuminate your way through intelligent fog lamps. The front fog lamps can assist you in making sharp turns with their cornering ability.

Cruise Control and Multi Drive Modes

The Tata Safaris cruise control is one supreme ability that can make your long highway journey safe and comfortable. The SUV can also offer you a wide choice of drive modes to choose from according to your choice. Eco, City, and Sports driving modes are available for all Tata Safari users.

Good Things and Bad Things about Tata Safari

Tata Safari is a premium vehicle in the SUV sector that has excellent abilities and functionalities. However, it has a few negative points to consider. Let us scrutinize the pros and cons of the superior Tata Safari SUV.


  • Attractive exterior design
  • Strong and Rigid Construction
  • Comprehensive cabin space
  • Quality 9 speakers audio system
  • Ventilated cabin seats
  • Superior braking system
  • Huge bundles of features


  • Steering is a little bit heavy
  • Low boot space with all three rows
  • Petrol variants are not available
  • Lack of four-wheel drive option.

Tata Safari Competitors

Mahindra XUV 700, Citroen c5 AirCross, Jeep Meridian, Scorpio Classic, Toyota Innova and Kia Carens are all competitive rivals of the Tata Safari SUV.

Mahindra XUV 700 Vs Tata Safari

Mahindra XUV 700 is available in both petrol and diesel variations, whereas the Tata Safari is available only as a diesel variant SUV. The diesel manual transmission versions of Tata Safari are much less priced than the Mahindra XUV 700 7S.

The price range of the Tata Safari auto transmission diesel engine vehicle is comprehensively less when compared to that of the Mahindra XUV 700 7S auto transmission diesel variants. Mahindra SUV is available as a 5-striking diesel automatic transmission vehicle. But Tata Safari offers us 9 distinctive variants of the diesel auto transmission vehicle I choose.

Both the Mahindra XUV and Tata Safari are constructed with similar dimensional aspects. The Mahindra XUV 700 7S has a length of 4695 mm, 1890 mm width and 1755mm height. The length of the Tata Safari will be 4661 mm, and it has an 1894 mm width and 1786 mm height. The Safari SUV has a comprehensive wheelbase of 2741mm.

Mahindra XUV 700 7S is powered by a superior 2.0 L turbo petrol engine and 2.2L turbo diesel engine. No petrol engine is available with the Tata Safari SUV, and the diesel variants of Tata Safari run with a 2.0L turbo diesel engine.

Citroen C5 Aircross Vs Tata Safari

Tata Safari has a diesel manual and auto transmission variants. Citroen C5 Aircross is not producing a manual transmission diesel vehicle. You can opt for the Citroen Auto transmission engine SUV.

Citroen C5 Aircross automatic diesel car is available in one variant, and it costs around 37 lakhs (Ex-showroom). Instead, the Tata Safari diesel automatic will offer a wide range of 9 variants with an 18 lakhs to 22.6 lakhs price range. Now it is evident that the Tata Safari is much cheaper than Citroen C5.

Comparing the dimensions, Tata Safari is found to be a little bit heavy in its construction compared to the Citroen C5 Aircross. The structure of C5 Aircross is constructed with a length of 4500 mm, 1969 mm width, and 1710 mm height. Whereas the Tata Safari has comprehensively larger dimensions than the Citroen C5 Aircross.

The Citroen C5 Aircross is available as a 5-seater SUV. You can avail of Tata Safari as a 6-seater or 7-seater SUV with 3 rows.

Both Citroen C5 Aircross and Tata Safari run with a diesel engine. Tata Safari is available with a 2.0 L turbo diesel engine that runs with manual and auto transmission modes. C5 Aircross SUV is powered by a 2.0L turbo diesel engine with an auto transmission system.

Tata Safaris’ enormous power output was managed by a 6-speed manual and auto transmission gearbox. Citroen C5 Aircross has a 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Jeep Meridian Vs Tata Safari

Both Jeep Meridian and Tata Safari are available with diesel engines managed by manual as well as auto transmission systems.

Jeep Meridian is costlier than the Tata Safari with a 2.0 L turbo diesel engine. The diesel manual transmission Tata Safari is available in ten unique variants, whereas the Jeep SUV offers only two variants.

The diesel auto transmission vehicle of Jeep Meridian is available in three distinct variants. With a 2.0 L automatic diesel turbo engine, Tata Safari can be purchased in 9 peculiar variant choices.

Comparatively, all the versions of the Tata Safari automatic vehicle are lower priced than the Jeep Meridian.

Considering the dimensional attributes, Tata Safari is comprehensively larger than the Jeep SUV. The Jeep Meridian has a 4769 mm length, 1895 mm width, and 1698 mm height, whereas the Tata Safari is available with a 4461 mm length, 1894 mm width, and 1786 mm height.

Comparing the engine configuration, both vehicles are powered by a 2.0L turbo diesel engine. Tata Safari is available with a 2.0 L turbo diesel engine managed with a 6-speed manual and automatic transmission system. Jeep Meridian is available with a 2.0 L turbo diesel motor with a 6-speed manual transmission system and an 8-speed automatic transmission system.


The proportionate blend of power and Comfort, Tata Safari is a premium SUV with excellent abilities. Exploring the features of the superior luxury vehicle may require some guidance as the SUV offers a wide range of variants. To help you out in choosing the suitable version of Tata Safari, we have reviewed the A to Zs of the premium Tata Safari SUV. We hope that you will be able to choose an opt vehicle with these insights.


Image Source: “tatamotors.com”


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Tata Safari is a premium SUV with a comprehensive cabin space. It is available in 6 and 7-seater variants with three-row seats.
Tata Safari is a complete mix of supreme features and functionalities. It is available with excellent interior ambience and attractive exterior attributes that make it a luxurious SUV.
Tata Safari is not available with a four-wheel drive option. It is a front-wheel drive SUV with a powerful 1956 CC diesel turbo engine.
The all-new Tata Safari is powered by a 2.0L turbo diesel engine that can generate a comprehensive 167.67 bhp power at the rate of 3750 rpm.
Tata safari is available with a boot space of 73 litres when all three rows are utilized. Further, the boot space can be increased to 447 litres when the third-row seats are folded.
The Tata Safari SUV is available with a panoramic sunroof in selected variants of the vehicle.
Tata Safari is equipped with a rear parking camera that can assist you while parking in a crowded street. Also, it has a quality front camera to assist in parking.
The all-new Tata Safari is crafted with impact 2.0 design attributes. The Land Rover-inspired Tata Safari was built over a monocoque platform.
The Tata Safari premium SUV is available with a 1956 CC turbo diesel engine. The 4-cylinder configuration of the 2.0L engine can be managed with manual and automatic transmission systems.
Tata Safari is available with a 2.0 L diesel engine. No petrol or CNG fuel options are available with Tata Safari as of now.

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